Friday, March 4, 2016

A. Yoshi Opinion Piece: Where IS The Fair Use? #WTFU (Share This)


I admit I addressed his weeks ago dismissively, Mainly because I've pretty much moved on from this whole TGWTG/CA/Marz/JO/NCritic Thing. However, it's not a matter of whether you're a former or current TGWTG Fan (like I was at one point) or a TGWTG Hater or don't care either way, this could be the most important Nostalgia Critic video + most important A. Yoshi Blog you read/watch all year. Basically here's he rundown.

At the tail end of last year/very beginning of this year, Nostalgia Critic had a copyright claim on one of his Disneycember video. It took away his monetization privileges taken away. He made a video on the issue, and yet another video on the issue a month later, The big reason the ladder video was made (which'll be posted below) was because the infamous youtube copyright/flagging system has gotten worse in the decade between the Viacom lawsuit's beginning until now. Why? Because YouTube hates us... Nah. It's basically to avoid lawsuits, and making YouTube safe and "fun" for everyone.

Yes we live in a world where just about any video can be flagged for any reason, and be taken down for said reason regardless of validity. I'll be honest, we need better definition of copyright law/fair use, because we're in a world where SOPA Clone #86892376932 could pass, get signed into law to supposedly fix the Internet problem that affects the MPAA and RIAA. Because of this simply solvable problem, One side gets more power over the other. Watch the video to understand, since he says it better than I can. I love it how YouTube says they support fair use, but they have a funny way of showing it.

Fair use as a legal concept gives people to use copyrighted material without fear of Cease and Desists, For Use on Criticism, News reporting, Education, Review, Parody, Satire, and Research, but companies think any fair use, Transformative works, and Derivative works are breaking the law. that's why there needs to be what is and isn't fair use, what is and isn't a transformative work, what is and isn't breaking copyright law... We need to tell our lawmakers to fix this gray area and or fix copyright law for the digital age. Do you know who your lawmakers are? Call, write, or email them. Heck the same people who support these copyright takedowns are the same ones who:

  • Tried to outlaw the VCR and the MP3 player
  • Goes after families and children over downloaded songs
  • Abusing their power
  • and supporting draconian Internet censorship bills

This is a problem, and it's got to STOP!!!!! You know, there's many critics (no pun intended) of this hashtag (#WTFU and it's companion hashtag #MakeYoutubeGreatAgain (by Team Four Star)), with many of them saying that they need to take more action than hashtagging. Ummmmmm...... some people are, with many sending emails, thinking of ideas to go one step further, but actions speak louder than words. So Doug, Team up with Mike Mozart and Alki David and get a class action lawsuit ready to 1) show once and for all that the DMCA (or Digital Millenium Copyright Act) is unconstitutional (it's almost as draconian as SOPA was almost 5 years ago), or 2) Fixes copyright law to add better definition of Fair Use. But alas a lot of these people's words mean jack all since companies like this gray area, since it allows them to be as abusive with their power as possible. But recent weeks show this might actually be working. Share this blog with your friends and maybe CA, I know some of the TGWTG Fans/Contributors don't like me that much anymore, but I'm willing to put up a ceasefire for fifteen minutes to join in this common cause.

What were you expecting something about my relationship with Kaylyn or JO Being Transgender? Oh please, I'm not ruining this blog with stuff I moved on from...

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