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Top 5 Must See Super Sentai Series

Ok we'll get to the blog in a minute, but Toy Story 4's going to be a thing? I mean really. Toy Story 3 was a good ending as it was, why make a new movie? Disney/Pixar already milked the Cars franchise enough as it was... Why ruin yet another franchise? You have enough movie franchise that are surviving on toy sales for both halves of the Species, Frozen (and by extension the Disney Princess line), Big Hero 6 was released just recently, Wreck-it Ralph, Hell, Cars was made off of toy sales, it has A FREAKING SPINOFF!!!!!! Toy Story was my favorite movie trilogy of all time (speaking of would a 200th blog that talks about the original be a bad idea?), and if you ruin it, Pixar better be very afraid. It better not be the Crystal Skull of the franchise just to introduce a bunch of peripheral characters to increase action figure sales. OK now that I'm done venting, time to talk about the big meat (and that sounded sexual)...

A common question up and coming toku fans ask themselves is where do they start? I recommend the Super Sentai franchise to begin with, but where do you begin, you have almost 40 series to choose from, I recommend these 5 series to see, Even if you've seen a lot...

These are my recommendations since these are my favorites and keep in mind I haven't seen everything, but these are a mix of my personal Cream of the Crop, Beginner accessibility, and most people I can recommend it to. Get ready because #5 is kind of an oldie.


#5 is the strength of youth series that dealt with a strong presence of Revenge. This series had a lot of firsts. First animal mechs, First added members as regulars (which would be perfected in Zyuranger with Burai/Dragon Ranger), first combining Super Weapon, First 2 mechs becoming1, and more. It takes a lot of inspiration from Sun Vulcan, but what's the story? 3 kids school buddies were killed by soon to be Volt Members Kemp, Mazenda, and Oblar. Along this fight against soldiers vs geniuses, they go across many twists and turns, we learn more about both factions, and it's a roller coaster ride throughout.


Go over time and space with my #4 entry. This came out at the turn of the millennium When computers and their possibilities were the biggest thing ever. Criminals from the year 3000 have escaped and 4 youths from that year go back in time to put them back in prision. They get new mechs and an awesome 6th ranger. What makes this series so great is it's brains and mature tone, actually it was the last sentai to be as great as it was to have that in my opinion. It was very rarely comedic, and had a great adaptation too. The only problem is that there aren't that many good complete subs for the series, but Over-Time and TV-Nihon are subbing it.


TENSHIN DAAAA!!!!!! WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH!!!!!! KIRYOKU DA!!!!!!! WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH!!!!!!!! Holy Crap, Dairanger's #3!!!!! RyuRanger, ShishiRanger, Tenma Kirin HououRanger!!!!!! Kiryouku Tenshin, It's the most mature of all the Sentai series!!!!! It has it's funny moments at times, but stiiiiiill!!!!!! Kiryoku Tenshin, It might not be the best beginner series in the world, but it's definitely my favorite of all time!!!!! SHINE YOUR FIVE STARS WITH THIS MARTIAL ARTS FANTASY SERIES, GO SEE THIS SERIES,  GO SEE THIS SERIES, RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHT NOOOOW!!!!!!!!!! WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH!!!!!! RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHT NOOOOW!!!!!!!!!! WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH!!!!!! But in all seriousness, Go read my review of the series to find out the awesomeness of the series.


These winged heroes made it on this list at #2. Inspired heavily by the anime Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, These heroes soar through the skies like supermen, and it has the second most mature sentai of all time. It is often regarded as the best sentai series of all time, but I wouldn't go that far. It has a mech similar ti TimeRanger, but where it excels is the story. In the near future Rie ges sucked to another Dimension by Vyram, and Sky Force gets 5 youth to fight against the evil organization, it's a mix of Timeranger and Liveman. Seriously this is a great beginner series.


I know it's still too new, but this is easily the Sentai Series everyone should see. This series should be seen to see what Super Megaforce should have been, and no, The "It's a Kids Show" excuse doesn't  hold water since, it's not even half as good as some of the mediocre schlock of the Disney era. This has tropes that'll make sentai nuts wet themselves, and is a good introduction to all these series, It just gets better with each new sentai fact and series you watch and learn about. But it's also got likable and deep Protagonists, a simple plot to understand for beginners, and a indepth extras for the experts, Go see this if you haven't already.

Agree? What series do you recommend beginner sentai fans see? Would you like to see a similar list for Kamen Rider Series? Tell Me in the comments, but first...

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