Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Quick Thoughts on Ultraman X...


This is the Final blog I'll post all year, but I've got exciting things for 2016, What a year for tokusatsu, we've got Ninninger, Drive finished it's run, Power Rangers redeemed itself with Dino Charge, Ghost came (ummmmm.... Yay?), some niche toku like GARO and Fujiyama Ichiban came and went, and this is also the year tokusatsu that's not your typical Godzilla and Power Rangers became profitable, with more and more toku being released here legally.We've got some big things in store for 2016. One big thing that came out was Ultraman X (not to be confused with Ultraseven X or Kamen Rider X), showing currently running toku can be watched legally, but was it good?

I liked it, not a big fan of Ultraman, but it's going to be a while before we get Currently running Rider or Sentai series stream, so I'll take what I can get. It's not up to the ranks of Ultraman Mebius, but I recommend it it. The story is that 15 years ago the Spark Dolls are awoken by the Ultra Flare, and in present day, Daichi Ozora becomes Ultraman X to fight the kaiju created by said spark dolls. The series is largely episodic, save for the occasional tribute, or plot development, like the robot sidekick Cyber Gomera. Let's look at the good and bad, I do like X's design  (especially Exceed X), and the design of the newer Kaiju. The best part about this series is that it's fun, The story's decent for what it's worth, and the characters aren't anything to write home about, but honestly you don't watch Ultra series for the characters, you watch them for the monster vs monster action plus the production values like the effects and music, which has gotten better as the franchise gets older and older. The long and short of it is as Ultra series as an Ultra series can get. You know, Ultraman series is getting better since the dud of Ginga, keep watching for a little while and we might see great Ultra series again. I give this series 3 X-Devizers out of 4.

Before we end this year, let's get the other big ultra series out of the way, Ultra Fight Victory, long story short it's pure action, Literally no story. That's all I've got, Merry new year to you all...

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