Friday, January 1, 2016

Another Year, Another Update...

Yeah this year took a lot out of me, and with college coming up, possible life changing events, and me not being able to profit of this damn thing, It looks like I might as well shelf this blog because it became something more than an easy hobby that I can possibly profit from in theory maybe, it's become an addiction, an unhealthy addiction at that, has fawning over female web celebs really improved my sex lif...

Yoshiette 1: You've got blogs to do, chop chop, you've got deadlines!!!!

A. Yoshi: F**K EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

Let's get the big elephant in the room out of the way, yes I'm aware I pulled this same stunt last year, but let's get real here, It's the easiest way to get attention to an update. I mean besides damage controlling your pseudo intellectual post by giving the trolls what they want to hear by flip flopping like an idiot, and WHO F**KING CARES!!!!!!! I'll try not pull this same stunt next year, but if all you're going to complain about this post is how unoriginal I am, do it on your own time. Just be thankful you're not in a school or behind the wheel of a car where you could do some real damage.

Now onto the good stuff, No I'm not stopping this blog anytime soon, If I've got an idea, I'll try to write about it, But there is an Asterisk to that statement. Here's the deal, College is going to take a lot out of me, It should be pretty chill my first semester, but it could get more cray cray fall of 2016. I'll be majoring in computers, so I shouldn't have to worry about constant homework that I can't finish in like 30 minutes or less (for now at least). Point is I may or may not become busy later on. That's the sucky news but I've got Suckier news for you. While I might never get into specifics because of confidentiality reasons, I might slow down blog output in the fall, It's not all colleges fault, but life could be different this coming fall, that's all I'm allowed to say for various reasons. (also, NO, this isn't possible SOPA Clones that shall not be named since I HIGHLY Doubt that Terrible Piece of Piss nugget'll pass or be activated, still, keep pressuring your congressperson or your country's leader).

Now onto the blog specific stuff. More and more blogs'll be serialized, bigger, and more engaging, I already teased a couple, like Japanese computers of the 80s and 90s, Carranger (my April Fool's blog), TrboGrafx/PC-Engine, Game Arts, Nihon Falcom, Pokemon, even some smaller blogs like HuniePop. I will also do stuff for a lot of Media franchises anniversaries (Like Super Sentai (40th), Kamen Rider (45th), Ultraman (50th), Zelda (30th), Pokemon (20th) and maybe Metroid (30th)), including top lists, reviews, and more., so yeah, It'll be a big year in the world of Yoshi, complete with reviews of Digimon Adventure Tri (you tell me, should I just wait until all 6 parts are released to make my final Judgement (I.e. wait until 2017), or should I do it part by part, or first impressions now and final thoughts later? you decide), Captain America 3, Doctor Strange, Batman V. Superman, Suicide Squad (maybe), Deadpool (maybe), X-Men: Apocalypse, GhostBusters, TMNT 2 (maybe), Gambit, and more. Oh and Kinnikuman retrospective Friday 29, mark your calendars...

YE1: And don't forget you 30,000 view and 300th blog landmarks!!!!


YE1: Don't forget to catch up on Dino Charge...

AY: Mike get her!!!!

(Mike's a baboon just FYI)

Mike: *Bonking Yoshiette's head*

2 more things, 1) I never promised I'd do an opinion piece on Linkara's HOPR of Megaforce. I'm not doing not this because Linkara-sempai won't notice me or just bitch at me over stupid S**T that happened almost 3 years ago because that's pretty much a non issue for me right now. I'm just exhausted and I'm pretty much done with most of the reviewaverse scene, at least until Kaylyn-sama buries the hatchet with me (somehow), not betting on it, but it could happen someday. Also 2) Jumanji reboot that I learned existed and is coming out christmas, NO, just no... this isn't just a Robin Williams thing, WHAT DOES SONY HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH WITH REBOOTING JUMANJI!?!? We're seeing Zoe Quinn: the Movie, The Power Rangers Reboot possibly is going to get continuously delayed, does Hollywood hate us or something? DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY SAILOR MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm A. Yoshi here to tell you that May The Power Protect You, Always, I'm also here to remind you that my face is Sailor Jupiter...

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