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Sailor Moon Classic VS Sailor Moon Crystal Arc 1

Before we begin, let's talk about some things that happened within the last month (since I don't ahve the energy to do another R.Cubed)...

First off (most relevant things first), WHAT HAS CHANNEL AWESOME/THAT GUY WITH THE GLASSES BECOME?!?! I knew the site was on life support since 2012, maybe 2011, but the site is truly dying right now. I don't have the energy to talk about this in great detail, but let me put it this way, Channel awesome has no respect for their "employees", they let 5 producers and counting off the site, and it's just a matter of time before guys like Lewis and Kaylyn leave, by then the final death nail of Channel Awesome will be set (for me, anyway). This drama is worse than any other TGWTG/CA/Reviewverse Drama that has happened before. This is so fascinating, but It kind of destroyed my morale (even though I seem to be doing better)... Can we all just go back to 2010/2011/Early 2012? Bottom line, In within the next couple of years, Channel Awesome is going seize to Exist...

Secondly, New 3DS, only coming out in XL in America, yeah, I guess we don't need options in this modern age... OH WAIT, WE DO!!!!!! I need to recharge my batteries before I even talk about the New 3DS in greater Detail.

Lastly in this R.Cubed mini, Spidermania, First Spiderman's going to be Infinity War!!!!! Or maybe not, I've been hearing conflicting sources, only time will tell. Next Japanese Spiderman's in a US comic and we might get to watch the Whole Toei TV series again soon, So yeah... MY REVIEW OF JAPANESE SPIDERMAN IS  BACK IN PRODUCTION BABY!!!!!!!!

Now that we took that little detour, Let's talk about our main subject, Sailor Moon... The first season of the original anime was flawed (slow pacing, Ugly yet charming art, etc.), but it wasn't bad either, it had characters that grew with the viewer, a cute story, and a simple charm that the manga didn't have, But is the Crystal Series version of the same arc any better? For that we'll judge both series on Usagi Herself, Heroes, Villains, Presentation, and story...


Usagi Tsukino was the 14 year old girl who saved Luna (her cat) and became Sailor Moon, She starts out as a whiny, crybaby hero, but she develops as the series progresses. She does have her badass moments however throughout the series, If the whole series is covered, then we'll get 60 episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal (yes I know there's going to be 26 right now, but Toei's eventually going to want more). So long after the series is over and you want to see Usagi as full blown adult sooner (because most people don't want to watch 200 episodes of Usagi crying on and off) you'll go with Crystal. The best thing About this aspect of Sailor Moon crystal is that Usagi's a more believable superhero this time around, but what about the original? She does have a more lovable idiot trope going on. but she does cry at get mad all the time. Both characters have something to like about them, but Usagi in Crystal's a more believable Superhero in this SUPERHERO SHOW!!!! Winner: CRYSTAL!!!!


The Sailor Senshi in the manga suffered many of the same problems that most 80s/90s teenage TV superhero teams suffered, Lack of personality They could be interesting if they used their defining trait better, etc. But in the anime, They're given tons to work with, each senshi get's their own share of screen time, more personality, and you can relate to at least one of the senshi. I bring this up because in the first arc of Crystal the Senshi other than Venus (who already had her own manga series before Sailor Moon) aren't given much to work with. however they will get more charcter development as the series goes on, but for now  The senshi are all basically the same girl, just with a different wig and outfit. but what about the others? Luna and Artemis are basically the same in both series, but in the classic anime, you connect with them more because they're given more screen time. Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask is kind of a douche, but honestly he changes when he realizes his true destiny, with more filler, Mamoru's flaws are more apparent in the Classic series, but overall you connect with the characters a lot more in the Classic series, so Winner: CLASSIC!!!!!!


Neither Series had exceptional Villains up to this point, So I'll take what I can get right now. Even then Each series' villains have one thing they do exceptionally well. Classic's Villains each have their own share of screentime, but the Crystal Series gave the villains a backstory. Yeah it's still hard to tell the henchmen apart. Queen Beryl is still Rita Repulsa in both series, but we do get to see more of Metallia in the Crystal Series, and she's an energy of evil. Yeah She was more interesting in the Classic Series. While Neither Villains are really that Great, The Villains in Classic get more screen time and action, even if they were disposed one 12 episodes at a time, Winner: CLASSIC!!!!!


Yoshiette 1: Crystal...

A. Yoshi: Let me discuss both versions first!!!!

Yeah, Crystal's bigger in scale and prettier to look at, but what about Classic? It has a simplistic charm in the art style that crystal doesn't have, It may be ugly to look at even back then, but a lot of other animes had this kind of art style. and the music's got that catchy J-Pop flare... but what makes more people like Crystal? It's got prettier art, and great use  of CG, you get the feeling that the action's happening at a grander scale with it's use of backgrounds. I did like the score for Crystal better than Classic, but "Moon Pride" Isn't as time less as "Moonlight Legend", It is catchier however. Sailor Moon Crystal Is a bigger series than the original, so Winner: CRYSTAL!!!!!


Both versions have the same basic story, but which one told it better? Both series have this whole chosen one thing with a bit of romance going on, and the Crystal Series did have less filler, which made it perfect for marathoning it. Even If the Classic Series had a lot of filler and a slower pace, You got the feeling that each episode told a contained story. So if you wanted to see what a certain episode was like in advance or you wanted to see a certain episode to know what the series was like before you watched it, you could without any fear of missing out on something.  That being said however, the series is a bit hard for newcomers to get into since Hulu has almost 70 episodes of the classic series on their site. Sailor Moon Crystal has a more satisfying story behind it, and really rewards a deeper viewing, also this weekend's episode has a preview of the next story arc. Winner: CRYSTAL!!!!!


Sailor Moon Classic's familiar, but it's kind of hard for newcomers to get into, and Sailor Moon Crystal Feels like a more complete series without tons of filler. THIS GAME'S WINNER IS...


Be sure to watch Sailor Moon Crystal Arc 2 and Sailor Moon R on Hulu. and also there's my other Sailor Moon reviews.

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