Saturday, July 5, 2014

My quick thoughts on Sailor Moon Crystal episode 1

OK, listen to me very carefully, I'm going to try very hard not to spoil the new Sailor Moon series, but it might end up being like that, so despite the fact that I won't spoil any major changes, major plot points, and other junk like that, It is very possible that you might infer personal suspicions about that stuff from what I have to to say in this post, so If you just want to know if it's good or not, It's good, very good, you're in for a huge nostalgia ride if you watch this and have watched Sailor Moon as a kid, but the bigger details will be after this.

The part I like about this series so far is that it changed so relatively little yet it feels like a different creature than the 90s series. From what I can gather, they're going for a closer adaptation of the manga, since Naoko Takeuchi herself wasn't too fond of the anime. They added better animation because the old show looked so damn fugly, even for early 90s TV anime. the transformation sequence was polished up, it feels a lot less choppy, and the only problem with this is that we have to wait 2 weeks for a new episode since it's that good. this might as well be called Sailor Moon Kai since that's what it is, a redone version of Sailor Moon Classic, but with less filler. As I said before you're in for a nostalgia ride if you watch this first episode since it's a frightening accurate remake of the first episode of Sailor Moon. So basically story is unchanged from the original so I'll explain it in better detail when I give Sailor Moon it's first seasonal report card in October. The only thing I wish they did is make it a little different from the original other than production values, but we've got 25 more episodes in this season, and we've got over a year to watch them all. I give this 3.75 Moon Crystals out of 4.

Sorry for the shorter than usual blog size but the last one was 80% story, and I need some cool down time. See ya.

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