Thursday, January 1, 2015

I QUIT!!!!!! (The future of this blog)

Can we all talk, man to man? I've been doing this gig for over 3 years now, with almost 200 posts, and just a few months ago, I came to the realization that I need to go outside, play, get a real hobby, get laid, and stop fawning lusting over Kaylyn since she's married, and my relationship with her and me trying to repair it really 1) brought out my worst instincts and 2) caused me to hurt people in the process. I also really got to stop the blog thing because It grew my ego for such a nobody, and caused me to hurt people as well (maybe even Kay-chan). So goodbye my friends...

PSYCH!!!!!!!!! OK I was kind of being partially serious in that intro (if a little melodramatic), I've got to grow out of the whole TGWTG/CA/Marz Thingy. but if I do resolve this whole thing, I don't want to hurt people because of being in the fandom. But you want to hear the future of the blog, you don't want to hear me whine about a future That could be, or a past that I want to fix.

The part I want to bring up is where my blog will go for the new year? Personally I want to top the last 3 years of blogs while keeping it chilled out for quality reasons. I'm no machine, OK I might be a robot in the stories I write, but I do blogs to have fun, and as an outlet for my opinions and creativity. OK you want to hear my 2 cents on me supposedly leaving... Well... I'm not, if I was willingly going to retire from blogs, I'd mean it, I wouldn't trick people with a catchy title like this one, also there'd be a damn good reason for me quitting. As of right now, I still make product. That being said however, I might get a sort of part time job in the future. I kind of have job right now, but It's not quite a job.

OK back to blog talk, I've been kind of considering making a few extra pennies off my blog, so (Even though this more likely than not won't be for a while) I might enable ads on my blog. This is something That'll wait until I get that many loyal fans who view everything I do, and wanderers who are interested in what I do and decide to follow me. I also might set up a Patreon account. Look I said it was kind of stupid, but hear me out. I do this because I want to get a greater sense of interaction with my fans, even if they kind of have to pay up. Patreon is basically you give X amount of money for a certain time frame, and you get rewards for doing so. Kind of like Kickstarter, but it's a recurring tip, and smaller amounts (I'll explain it better if/when I do up and decide to do it), think of it as tip for restaurants but for producers. I rarely ask you guys for much of anything, but I have to ask you this. Would  you be interested in having me set up a Patreon? What rewards would you like me to implement? How much are these rewards? Again don't expect this to happen for a while (if at all), but this is kind of a social experiment...

Lastly, Here's some blogs you can expect to happen in the coming months... Firstly, After I finish my Nintendo Retrospective in april and do my conclusion, I'll do a whole retrospective on the original 36 Volume story of the popular in Japan, but kind of obscure in here... M-U-S-C-L-E MUSCLE!!!!!M-U-S-C-L-E MUSCLE!!!!! 3-2-1 FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, I'm doing a Kinnikuman retrospective as  regular thing starting in May 29, Which Just so happens to be Kinnikuman day (Friday the 29th (also real convenient being that it's a month after my Nintendo Retrospective)), but expect a special preview when I get 20,000 total views here, and maybe a part or two between then. What is Kinnikuman? For now, Think of it as Dragon Ball Z mixed with Wrestling. Another Big Blog I'm planning is a review of my favorite movie of all time, Toy Story, for my 200th blog, What will this blog include? A review of the movie, some history, what the movie meant to me back then, and what it means to me now. As far as other pieces I'll do in the near future, There's the next part of my Nintendo Retrospective (it talks about my favorite Era of Gaming, the N64/PS1/Saturn days, I'm especially excited for this one.), and also Avengers 2, as well as Ninninger and Power Rangers: Dino Charge (I'll get my initial thoughts on that one out of the way, I want to look forward to it since the train wreck known as the Neo-Saban Era (espeically Super Megaforce) has probably taught the SCG/PR team, and the Sentai they're adapting could lead to interesting posibilities, but so far they're not making this easy for me (even if it looks better than the 2 seasons along with their 4 subseasons)). And that's about it, so expect me to have a little breathing room between blogs until summer (when all the good movies come out),  and I set up a poll to place bets on which'll happen first the 200th blog, or my 20,000 view landmark.

In closing, I leave you with one last question, do you think my blog has developed me ego a little to much? Think long and hard. So until the next time I see you, May power protect you, always...

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