Saturday, January 17, 2015

My quick thoughts on the Space Sheriff NEXT GENERATION Movies...

Welp, here it is, yet another attempt to revive the Metal Hero series. I'll admit, The Space Sheiff Gavan movie wasn't great, but it was a good hour and a half distraction, and I haven't seen Kikaider REBOOT, but I've kind of heard mixed feelings about it. This is a sequel to the Gavan movie, so how does this hold up? Does it have a future?

Honestly, It's decent, not great, but it passes the time... it kind of feels like a video game in certain aspects, heck some of the action looks like a video game cutscene. It does have fanservice for people who are big Uchuu Keiji fans, but it kind of relies to much on nostalgia of the past series. At least compared to Power Rangers Super Megaforce, it's relevant to the plot. It also has a kind of weird plot... basically Horror Girl (from Gavan), has been following crime all across the universe, and she sends monsters (who look goofy, but they do look like how they do in the original series) to attack the space sheriffs. I do like the concept of an original space sheriff in Estevan, and he does have an interesting twist with him. I also like the action (one scene feeling like the final boss of a video game), and the gritty tone (not meant for children), but there's nothing that makes it stand out from a million other similar sci-fi action movies. Overall not a bad couple of movies, just not something you'll be remembering a month after you see it. I give it 2.75 Horror Girl Masks out of 4.

Can I have a break from blogs yet?

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