Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What's wrong with crowd funding sites? (ENHANCED VERSION)


So yeah, It's time to talk about Kickstarter and Indiegogo, before we begin I want to address something...

Yeah, This might present some controversy, divide people, piss people off, and possibly be the end of me, but since we haven't had a serious issue post in a few months, Let's do this shall we, man?

Before we begin for real let me point this out. No I do not hate Kickstarter or Indiegogo in any shape or form, These sites Have a lot of potentional for interesting projects, Games (see A Hat in Time, and Double Fine Adventure), Game consoles (Ouya), Movies (AVGN The Movie), Mini series (FamiKamen Rider), and much more, but there's been a lot of unwanted criticisms with these sites that have split people into two sides.

So just recently Smosh announced they were making a game and they need $250,000 To make it. As someone who, I wouldn't say I'm a fan of them, but someone who feels indifferent towards them, this bugs me. It's not even a triple A M-Rated First person Shooter (a Smosh FPS, Why Isn't that a thing, It would be better than say an iPhone game (more on that later)), it's an iPhone game that's more likely to suck than not suck. Anyone can make a crappy iPhone game, That's not my biggest problem with the project, my biggest problem with it is WHY!?!? You're MILLIONAIRES, Each video you push out get's millions of views in days, and you're making a (possibly) low budget mobile game, Give me a Dod Derned break.

NO, I DO NOT HATE SMOSH, I JUST HATE HOW THEY'RE MAKING POOR BUSINESS DECISIONS THEY'VE MADE AS OF LATE!!!!!! Unlike James Rolfe, Who needs that extra expense to help fund expenses out of his control despite making lots of money, Smosh could just propose $300,000 Or whatever it costs to make a mobile app, using their own dollars. Yes, I'm aware this game will be free, Doesn't matter. Yes they'll be donating some of the money to charity, doesn't cut it. Yes I hear it's going to be 3D action adventure, still not good enough, Who knows if it'll be the level of games like Zelda, Mario, or even free games like Cube (NOT TO MENTION THEY SAID THESE THINGS RIGHT AFTER THEY GOTTEN THE FLAK!!!!! This explaining the expenses after such a debacle can work, but they probably have made those decisions right after they got such heavy criticism. Damn, some people have HUGE EGOS!!!!).

Crowd funding projects can be judged on 4 levels, 1) How much who ever wants to make it is asking for versus how much he/she/they have as far as budget, 2) How much it is to make the project in reality, 3) the reputation of the person or people involved, and 4) the final product. so far Smosh has failed the first two, only succeeding in the 3rd one , and possibly failing the final test. Who Knows, the game might be a great game, But I have no faith in them.

People create the most insane projects on Indiegogo, someone wanted to make a Ubuntu based phone for $32,000,000. DAYUM!!!!!!! IS THIS A PARODY OF INSANE INDIEGOGO PROJECTS?! No? Not even most small countries are worth $32,000,000, It already made $6,000,000. Heck someone wanted to make a Death Star after the Death Star white house petition failed. I wish I was Kidding. In just no time people will realize that it's just another android bases phone only with a limited version of Ubuntu on it.

Then there's the projects I feel indifferent about. Like Doug Walker's Indiegogo for His game show, Yeah I could go on a whole spiel about how, He has a studio for his shows, and doesn't need more money, but think about it, He's not like Roger Ebert, or Bernie Mac, or take your pick on the many Chicago based celebrities who made a multi-million dollar living out of he entertainment industry and have been doing this gig for over a decade or more. He's gotten a bigger budget just so recently, Not to mention he likely lost money from Demo Reel, But I just don't care for Doug Walker after the recent business decisions he made as of late, Like reviving Nostalgia Critic, and making Uncanny Valley Just, well, OK. Heck even before To Boldly Flee, The NCritic Episodes That have came out haven't been that great. Still, It's more reasonable than Smosh's Project. But this get's me to thinking Doug is willing to put out anything and expect to get a quick buck (see Uncanny Valley and the Nostalgia Critic's return). Hell, he can make a video of him taking a dump for real and he can still expect to get thousands of dollars of blip money like he usually does because he has a Colosseum sized ego.

Still, Indiegogo and Kickstarter have some interesting projects (heck someone I like and respect despite recent mixed feelings is making an animation and gaming convention in a couple years, though she hasn't started her campaign yet), But right her, Interesting is a subjective term. So there That wasn't so bad was it? Now let's watch something that'll make you think that this post was worth reading...

Now let's check up on a recording of Video Game Mascots Anonymous I made the other day.

???: Welcome to Video Game Mascots Anonymous, my name is Donny the Bearded Man, Check in time. Sparkster?

Sparkster: Here.

Donny: Crash Bandicoot?

Crash: Here.

Donny: PaRappa the Rapper?

PaRappa: Here.

Donny: Gex, Bubsy, Earthworm Jim, and Aero Acrobat?

All: Here.

Donny: Bonk, Master Higgins, Alex Kidd?

All: Here.

Donny: Banjo, Kazooie, and Conker?

Banjo, Kazooie, Conker: Here.

Everyone: My, oh My, you guys look different.

Banjo: We've been Dieting.

Donny: Well, as most of you know Mega Man left last week, He got selected to be in the next smash bros game. We all miss Sonic too, but it'll pass.

One hour of debate later.

Donny: Well that was fun, see you all next week, NO ONE COME BEYOND THE BACK DOOR!!!!

Now time to enjoy life's essentials, *takes off beard and changes clothes revealing Mr. W. Wright* See ya *Enters limousine*.

Anonymous Yoshi: Wow, that is shady.

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