Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Random Rubbish Roundup #7: The Wolverine goes to Japan, Sailor Moon News, The 12th Doctor is revealed

I know what you're thinking, "Yet another Random Roundup Rubbish whatever thingy, REALLY!?" But think about it, Someone's got to do Z-List Geek news while the podcast that I've not bothered listening to after the events of March and May is on season break. But let's do this, shall we (broken relationships aside)?

This time, we'll talk about the new Wolverine Movie, the Newest Doctor in Doctor Who, and News regarding the New Sailor Moon Series & other SM News.


I started the last 2 R3's with a review, so why not this one? Before you watch this movie, You have to realize that this is not an X-Men Movie, It's a Wolverine Movie (even more of an extent than the last one), You'll be more happy with it if you realize the #1 fact you have to know about this movie. This feels more like a Mix of Japanese genres like Ninja, Samurai, Yakuza, even Giant Robot films, starring Wolverine than a actual Super Hero movie, But there's a reason for it, It's based of the original Japanese based solo arc for Wolverine from the early 1980s. That's my biggest problem with this movie, You Need to Know the story to understand it, Even if you do understand it, There's the unavoidable problem of comparing it to the comic version. Still, If you want a fun movie to escape reality, Watch this movie, It's better than Most films out there, I Give this 3 Silver Samurai Suits out of 4.


So the New Sailor Moon anime got a release date (Winter 2013-2014 season), It'll be Streamed on NicoNico (why they couldn't do it on Crunchyroll or Hulu is anyone's guess, but I assume that it would be easier to distribute worldwide, But my only worry is that they actually include Subtitles), It's a new anime completely different from the 90s series, and that's all the news we got from the Sailor Moon Live Event Regarding that. We Haven't gotten any news like what it'll look like, or who will do the animation, or Who will be in the cast, but we'll find out closer to the Winter 2013-2014 season, keep an eye on this blog for more info. But if you want my speculation on it, I've got a bad feeling it's going to be something aimed at younger kids, or it could be a gritty reimagining of the series. If I want anything from the series, is for it not to be too similar to the 90s series, but something that's not a complete overhaul. I don't know what that'll look like, but only time will tell.


So Peter Capaldi is the new doctor, I'm not impressed. Sure Matt Smith was essentially a teenager, but He at least was more aimed at the 35 and under Doctor Who fans, Like myself (but I'm not into it as much as everyone else). Capaldi is an older, more... how do I put this delicately... aimed at the older doctor who fans. But I kind of like the docor's who are not to old, not to young (see David Tennant). I'm not saying that he'll be a failure, I'll give him a chance, But the Doctor's just one part of the series, What else matters is that the Stories are good, The monsters are good, and the other characters are good. So I haven't lost all faith just yet.

So the road to my 100th blog is on the way, I'm already at blog #98. Blog #99 will be a movie that I liked at my childhood to see if it hold up today. Bye Bye.

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