Friday, August 30, 2013

GIANT SIZED Random Rubbish Roundup #1: The 2DS: worst idea since the Xbox One, Yet another Batfleck discussion, The (Rumored) Green Ranger Movie, Adblock is run by scammers, Pretty Cure coming to the US?

2 R3's in a row? Well, not exactly, this was written after the Day of the Dumpster blog, and that was written after the 8th R.Cubed which premired on screwattack, but didn't come to this blog until after my hundredth blog, but enough of the explanation, but me and the crew at team anonymous yoshi are tired after partying hard at Power Rangers Day, It's still not the best time for another brain hurty thing, so let's do this, shall we? We're going to talk about the 2DS, Ben Affleck as Batman, the Green Ranger Movie that might be coming out, the Adblock Crowd funding scam, and the PreCure series coming to the US of A.


As you may of figured out, Wii U sales are down the toilet, so instead of making games that interest us sooner (like Star Fox, F-Zero, Metroid, or a revival of something Classic we haven't seen in a while), or getting 3rd Party support, we get Nintendo concentrating on the 3DS, at least until Smash Bros or Mario Kart comes out. Heck They're MURDERING the Vita right now, in celebration of their De facto victory, they are going to release the 2DS, WHICH IS THE DUMBEST IDEA SINCE THE XBOX ONE!!!!! first I can name a lot of problems in just short blurbs, 1. No second Circle Pad, 2. no clamshell design, 3. Good luck trying to play games that have touch screen and buttons as a requirment to play, and 4. If I want to play 3DS games in 2D, There's a slider for it. To be fair, it is cheaper than the 3DS, but you can get a used 3DS for about the same amount. The only way it would be worth any of my money is if it was Region Free, but I don't play import games that much, sorry, but that's No Dice for me. Does Nintendo Give A damn about us Anymore?


So Ben Affleck is going to be in the new Superman VS Batman Movie, and all I can say is... Yeah.... I honestly don't know how to feel about this, He's already been in Daredevil and Gigli, Both of which I haven't seen, but He's been in better movies as of late. My biggest problem with Man of Steel is that it was depressing, very dark, and moody, But I don't know if they're going to address those problems in The Man of Steel VS The Dark Knight (or Whatever They're calling it), but I'll say this right now and be that guy, Like Man of Steel, Superman VS Batman is too good of a movie Idea to work. It can't live up to the Hype, It'll Probably be good, Hell, It might be great, but Remember when you thought the Avengers was going to suck for being too good of a movie Idea to work? But That won't change the fact that Ben Affleck will be negatively compared to Christian Bale.


So just a couple of Days ago, Jason David Frank Expressed Interest to Make A Green Ranger Movie. It's going to be PG-13, Will be kind of an origin Story Like the Wolverine Movies. The best thing I could say about the better of the two Wolverine movies was that it was pretty good. The Green Ranger Movie Idea sounds... You know what, Don't Hate, A gritty Reimagining of Power Rangers, Details that weren't in the oringinal MMPR Saga, This could be like Masked Rider The First. But I am kind of worried about it, This is like Green with Evil's story Mixed with Elements of the Guyver, I don't know if that's a good idea, but who am I to say, as Moviebob says There's no such thing as bad Ideas for Movies, Only Bad execution of Ideas for Movies.


To every one of youy who funded adblocks anti-ad ad campaign, I feel sorry for you, I've seen Stupid Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects in the past, But this takes the Cake of Stupidity. Everything Wrong with bad Crowdfunders is here, Stupid Prizes, Expensive prizes for stuff you can get if you have Programming Experience, Six figure stretch goals, seven Figure goals, and this looks unreasonable. I've never had a problem with crowd funders, even if the prize is a bit crazy, That's not e-begging, This is what E-Begging looks like, It's just like the ubuntu edge, It's not going to happen just let it go.


So yeah, this is just a rumor, so this might not be true. Pretty Cure, A Magical girl series much in the same style as Sailor Moon is apparently getting bought by Saban Brands. I gave suggestions for Power Rider, so I might as well give another, Why not start with W instead of Fourze, and go from there, and use the suggestions I made a while back. They're probably going to release it as Glitter Force According to Orends: Range. But Now Let's take a look at another example of them kissing Bandai's ass. RAGE WARNING: SO WHY CAN'T THEY GET SAILOR MOON FOR THIS AND AIM IT AT OLDER AND YOUNGER GIRLS, THEY'RE PROBABLY GOING TO SCREW IT UP LIKE THEY DID WITH SO MANY OTHER SERIES IN THE PAST SO THEY CAN COPY TV ASAHI AND BANDAI'S FORMULA OF TV SERIES ON SATURDAY MORNING ON THE CW IN THE US, AND THE SCHEDULE IS GOING TO LOOK LIKE A KIDDY VERSION OF TOONAMI WITH DIGIMON FUSION, POWER RANGERS MEGAFORCE, POWER RIDER TWIN, AND GLITTER FORCE WHATEVER SERIES!!!!! *EXPLODES* This is why we can't have nice things, but then again these are rumors.

Well that's all for today, Talk amongst yourselves.

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