Thursday, August 29, 2013

Random Rubbish Roundup #8: Food Fight WILL FAIL, guess Who's not going to be on King of The Nerds, Pokemon Go to THE MEGA (Then and Now edition)


This Blog premiered on Screwattack on 8/17/13, so these topics are old. But we can still talk about developments in said topics, Since I promised a release sometime after my 100th blog. This Time We talk about Smosh's Indiegogo with only a few days to make it about to crash and burn, You Know Who not being on the TBS Show King of the Nerds, and More Pokemon X & Y news. So let's hit the switch, Shall we?
THEN: You heard me Right, The IndieGoGo Project is not over yet and It's already doomed to fail, Unless they get $100,000 in 6 days, which isn't happening, unless they do a live stream like JewWario and Screwattack did for their respective projects, or find a way to do so, but knowing the manipulative Bastards they are, they probably will just give up. Did I really Expect any better from 2 Guys who Have Egos bigger than most small countries, People who have to use Fake Thumbnails and Specific, Precise, and catchy words and phrases in their titles. Didn't think so either. Yep, Their doomed.

NOW: I'm actually impressed that they got as far as they did, they had a livestream to help fund the game. but unlike JewWario, they didn't have stretch goals, It would've gave people more reason to donate. Granted James Rolfe Didn't have stretch goals, but he knew he was going to make so much money because he's been hype up the movie for over a year.This is unusual of Smosh for them to ask for money from their fans like that, I mean they haven't asked for donations for them selves in a long time. In case you were wondering, Yes they made it, But I would rather get a throwback 8-bit style game starring the Angry Video Game Nerd That didn't need a Crowd Funder rather than a deep 3D game starring 2 Guys that I felt very indifferent about that'll probably Suck.

THEN: If you don't know who I'm talking about, I might have to mention the name of a producer I'm kind of pissed at, but I've gotten over as she gas over time, but She'll be called Kaylyn for the purposes of this blog. King of the Nerds is a TBS Reality Show (ugh....) Which is meant to make the nerd crowd feel good with their fellow nerds, but it comes off more Like embarassing them (Double Ugh....). Kaylyn Wanted to join the show to give nerds a good name, so she joined the People's Nerd contest on Facebook, I only voted a little because I was Kind of afraid of her, but I really wished her the best of luck, that's good enough, Right? Away from the point, but She was a finalist, but she announced on her one of her live shows that she lost (Triple Ugh...), I have a good Idea on who she lost to, but I Don't want to mention names, Besides I'm a fan of this person to an extent. This Bugs me, because someone who had reason beyond "WAHHHHHH, I WANNA BE FAMOUS, VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!" and/or "I'm a fellow nerd, PICK ME!!!!", got rejected, Granted She was not the most popular choice of the 3, but People are stupid. ;) Besides I don't see Kaylyn as anything bigger than the standard web celeb she is right now.

NOW: Not much development happened, so I might as well get more thoughts on King of the Nerds Season 2. I'm NOT WATCHING IT!!!!! I refuse to watch any reality show unless I have a reason to, like (even though I'm not as big of a fan of her as I used to) having the Girl i just spent a good time mentioning in this blog. Before I tell you who I think is going to be on King of the Nerds season 2, please note the series probably already finished filming, and I'm not trying to offend anyone. J-Wittz has the most likely possibility to be on KotN, but I still personally think Kaylyn should have been there, then again neither me or her see her being that famous anytime soon. 
THEN: Yeah, We've all made the Digimon Comparisons, We've All Said "WAHHHHHH, THEY RIPPED OF DIGIMON!!!!!", But Let's be honest, A fourth Evolution for Pokemon, WHAT THE FALKNER IS GOING ON!!!!! Pokemon Have more hair, Extra parts, new looks, Stronger moves, And It Doesn't look too exciting, It honestly looks like their trying to hard, But It could be more than a gimmick, It might be usable only in battle.  The biggest problem for these new evolutions is that they just have the regular Pokemon names,  with Mega put in front of them, But who Knows, I'm still going to buy them.

NOW: I might as well get some more thoughts on this as I can. They're likely to only be usable in battle, I can see this being great in multiplayer battles, but my big problem with most of the new features in these Pokemon games being only useful in competitive mode. I don't know about you guys, but I kind of like Pokemon more for it's single player, but I'll play multiplayer if I have to. Ah well, In the mean time, Let's look forward to the new Pokemon Origins anime, which I actually have High Hopes for.

Until tomorrow I see ya.

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