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IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!!!! Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie Review

It's been widely believed that many people who grew up watching Pokemon, and our main subject of today, Power Rangers is too attached to their childhood. This can be very much said for people who grew up in the 80s and 90s, even the first part of the 2000s, probably the years beyond as kids who were born in 1996 and before reaches adulthood and college. The kids who grew up watching most of they shows made in the early 2000s and before are looking at the schlock they watched back then and looking at it with fresh eyes. I bring this up because I'm reviewing something in a two parter in honor of Power Rangers' 20th anniversary and my 100th blog. Yep, this week, we're taking a look at...



So for the power rangers fans who haven't seen this movie (which is none of you), think of this as a alternate version of the Ninja Quest Storyline from the beginning of Season 3 of Power Rangers. Still don't have a good idea, OK, Let me Explain, So the rangers, Bulk, and Skull go on a skydiving trip, which is just a way of showing the slightly bigger budget, it doesn't really seem to add much. A Work team seems to find a sealed door that contains an egg which contains Ivan Ooze, The rangers go into the construction zone where they found the egg. Ivan Ooze creates footsoldiers of his own, It pretty much plays like a normal episode of Power Rangers, with an unmorphed fight, the a fight morphed, when Ooze destroys the Command Center (thus stripping the rangers of their Powers). Ivan Ooze take's Lord Zedd's throne. and puts him and Rita Repulsa in a snow globe. The Power Rangers go to another planet to get new powers, Ivan Ooze creates Tengu Warriors (bird like guys) to hunt the rangers down, but they get stopped by Dulcea who gives the rangers new Ninja powers. Ivan Ooze hypnotizes a bunch of children's parents. The rangers go through many trials, and get new ninja zords. And it pretty much follows from there.

I didn't expect to like this as much as I did, but I'd dare say this version of the Ninja powers origin story is better than the TV show's version. It just seems more developed. I'd recommend this for any fan of the franchise, Even if you didn't like this movie at first, compare it to the TV show version.


The Rangers are just like they are in the TV show, but guys like Zedd, Rita, Bulk, and Skull don't get nearly enough screen time, Kind of a shame, because Bulk & Skull can actually save an episode when given the chance. Goldar Is like what he's like in the show. Mordant is OK, But he lacks the charm and significance of Rito Revolto, Which I Believe they were going for. Dulcea is a blander version of Ninjor, just existing to be pointless Eyecandy. Fred's the kid, not much to see here but he can hold his own in a fight. Ivan Ooze Is the real star of the show, He's more than a standard monster of the day, He's got some humor, a can be a scene stealer.


The costumes for the villains are great, Incredibly detailed, and they look like more than just than they were taken from the show. The rangers look cool... I guess, but part of the appeal of power rangers is guys in spandex and motorcycle helmets fight goofy monsters, but I suppose bigger budget and all, but Power Rangers is like a B-Movie in TV show form, The other special effects aren't that great, Blatantly obvious CG, It's so blatantly obvious when a new CG item is put in, It sticks out like a sore thumb. But I know what you're thinking, "This is 1995, all CG effects sucked ass." Jurassic Park was released two years earlier, and it looks a 1000 times better. Another Card People like to play is that this is a lower budget movie than most others, I'll give you that, but I'll counter that with they could have and should have gave this movie bigger budget. The Music other than a very catchy version of Go Go Power Rangers, makes the film feel a little dated. Not to say it it's bad, just doesn't feel like Power Rangers.


I'll be honest, it hasn't aged well, It's more or less a big budget, feature length Toy commercial, and some of the people involved really didn't give a damn about the project. But as far as Toy commercials of that type, I've seen worse, much, much worse. *Cough* Transformers 2 *Cough* It's a better version of the Ninja powers origin story than the show, not to say that the show wasn't that good. I'm going to give this 3 Ivan's Ooze Jars out of 4.

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