Friday, April 5, 2013

Power Riding into Video Gaming's Future

So, where did I go? Short version is I was Life, that is all. Longer version is I was in a depression (which I might still be in around the time I write this, but not as bad as the end of last month) that I don't really want to get in to to much detail (except it involves people I really love and respect, and them getting mad at me) and I went Silent until I could find a solution. This is the main reason I couldn't make the April Fool's joke I wanted to make. What am I going to talk about this time? 2 topics. 1) the rumored Power Rider Apollo, and 2) Is the Game industry (namely Nintendo) doomed? Without further ado, Let's do it, shall we?

Right now Power Rider Apollo is just a rumor, It was not an April Fool's joke, but It has not been confirmed by Saban outside of them getting the name nearly 2 years ago. Right now We're looking at as if it were actually announced, and It's probably not going to be that great, just accept it. Toei's going to want this to match Kamen Rider over there in Japan, the same way Power Rangers did for Super Sentai. Saban likes to forget about Masked Rider (the adaptation of Kamen Rider Black RX), Since...


Basically I think what Saban heard before production of Masked Rider was that Kamen Rider was a HUGE Cash Cow over in Japan, not even going into the content of the show or the age demographic. They turned it into a Goofy Alien Sitcom. It's the same Logic that Killed Big Bad Beetleborgs, Granted Beetleborgs is a guilty pleasure of mine (mainly Season 2), but My point is that if Power Rider hasn't learned from the mistakes of Saban's previous Toku Adaptations, I don't want to live on this planet anymore. Even MarzGurl Knew it was going to be something terrible years before speculation began. Don't you just love the completely unoriginal name for it? Power Rider, REALLY?! They probably just wanted to name it that because they might think it's going to be a Power Ranger Spin off. Adness tried to adapt Kamen Rider into ameritoku form years ago. It was met with critical acclaim, but not commercial success. Let me put it this way, It seems like Kamen Rider's Unmarketable here in the U S of A. You have Japan's screwed of Children's TV guidelines to thank for it. Fist of the North Star, Kind of meant for kids, at least the 12-17 year old market over there. Bio Booster Armour Guyver, Same case. I guess I shouldn't be to cynical about this, because It could actually work, selling just as much rider belts, roleplay weapons, and action figures as much as Power Rangers does for it's Morphers, Roleplay Weapons, Zords, and action figures. As the name suggests, It might be an adaptation of Kamen Rider Fourze, Which was not the best rider series. Some actually say Megaforce is Better than Goseiger, Why can't that be the case with Apollo and Fourze. Make it the Big kid version of Power Rangers, Give it a TV-PG rating, Fix the criticisms of Fourze, Bundle it up with Power Rangers, and you can have some success here in US. One Problem, Putting the 40+ years of riders in there, Just say They came from a fictional TV show or Video game, which was the inspiration for the Apollo Powers. That's all I wanted to say, now onto the question...


This question started to pop up more recently than not, With companies like Lucasarts, THQ, and Atari folding under, CEO's stepping down, and companies laying off employees. I know what you're thinking, "OMG STUFF LIKE THAT HAPPENS EVERY DAY, YOUR A BIASED IDIOT!!!!!!!" Think about it, A lot of this has been happening in the past 3 months than the 3 months before that. But the year's still young, then again sales for games were poor last year compared to the year before that.  A lot of factors play into this like, ummm...... Video game companies for internet censorship over a year back, lack of interesting games in 2012, and a underwhelming E3 last year, among other reasons. The coming months don't look to promising either, with the PS4 not looking too promising, only Slightly more interesting games than last year, the Wii U kind of being in a rut (more on that later), God knows if the Next XBOX will leave a lasting good impression, and PC gaming being taken over by DRM. The portable scene looks better, but The PSVita lacks games, and the 3DS is Gimmicky (at least that has the most promising lineup). So is the Gaming Industry doomed? Let me put it this way, In 2007, News outlets talked about how much of a runaway success the Wii was, now they're talking about Are video games to blame for shootings, suicide, and depression. Doesn't that speak volumes about the public stance on Video Games?

OK, This is a touchy subject (I.e. Is Nintendo Going to survive?), but here's my two cents on it, They can survive another console generation, IF they play their cards right, but The most they'll probably be as far as video games in 10 years is Making handheld consoles. They've been releasing the same Mario, and Zelda games since the N64. They haven't matured since the Gamecube days (not even releasing any M-rated games since then). They Haven't released a Killer app for the Wii U (Please for dear god show some games for the Wii U at this Year's E3). They're going to have to step up their a game if they want to survive any longer, Release a Pokemon console RPG (not necessarily a MMO, but a console RPG), some franchises they haven't utilized in a long time like Star Fox, F-Zero, Maybe Earthbound/Mother. You can release Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc. games, but mix up your line up a little, Nintendo. I thought of a good idea (even though they probably won't use it), Release a Skylanders style game for the Wii U and 3DS, with Nintendo Characters, Release the a starter set with Mario, Link, and whoever else, Have the First wave consist of Well known characters like Kirby, Pikachu, Yoshi, Samus, etc. and Release an expansion every year, New waves have more Nintendo Characters and Items. Any more suggestions, leave them in the comments. So Any other Ideas on how Nintendo could survive or Do you think they should die, No fanboy comments, Legit ideas.

And that's all for tonight, see you next time.

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