Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AVGN Movie: Trailer First Thoughts

Somewhere, where ever they keep really long and drawn out secrets from others, You'll find a few tablets on 1001 reasons to hate certain fanbases. The first one is that you're not allowed to like any Internet personallity, TV Show, Movie, Artist, Song, Video Game, whatever without adding a counter claim to it. Do you can't like the Angry Video Game Nerd without taking a look at the Cheetahmen II Scam. Do you like Irate Gamer, Well you better bring up all the times he copied AVGN. Man the Nostalgia Critic sure is awesome, but you better mention that Let's Play of Bart's Nightmare. if you don't bring up a bad aspect for every good aspect for ANYTHING, You'll be called a FANBOY!!!!!!!That being said, some people may refer to me as an AVGN fanboy because, well, I didn't like any of the videos made by TheArchfiend on him,  I pretty much supported the idea of an AVGN Movie. But I didn't like the whole Cheetahmen II Thing, and the AVGN Movie Trailer did not live up to Expectations. Why? Find out today...

Before we begin let me say this:


With that said, Here we Go.

So yeah... I have mixed feelings towards the thing. Even from second one it didn't exactly Impress me.

So the trailer begins with a green screen with text like any movie but this screen just shows how vulgar this movie can get. Sure certain AVGN Episodes can get Vulgar at times, but at least it got to the point of this movie towards the end of the Episode. The movie starts out with people convincing James Rolfe to review ET, Seems pretty Promising, if a little to little of an idea for a movie, But as Moviebob said, you can make a good movie out of anything. Then he Discusses the game with his friend I assume (but he looks like he's still in high school). More of the ET story unfolds and a bunch of kids are trying to break through a wire fence. I Know they're supposed to be in their 20's, but they look like they're 12. The heroes discuss the plan more and Jame's female friend brings out the Nerdmobile and... UGH... Why do I get the feeling it's going to be yet another Seltzerberg Wannabe. The heroes are making some kind of documentary, while the Men in Black (or some bullcrap like that) are looking over their activity and trying to find them. Our heroes are discussing some alien crash, then the military comes and tries to get them. Why does the Big military guy look  like Greg Pabrich. So that explains how they've gotten so close. Then a car chase happens and the Commander (or whoever he is) starts cursing (Spoiler alert, that's not how vulgar this film can get). Then James and his Female friend are playing video games. The people who are in this movie are shown. Next, the black guy asks him where Area 51 is and James responds with between Area 50 and 52 (BECAUSE THAT JOKE HASN'T BEEN USED A MILLION TIMES BEFORE). The military commander traps AVGN, and he talks about playing Top Gun while flying a plane. More of the chase scene happens and we get more cursing, and action scenes with some kind monster Kamen Rider should be fighting, Zombies, and more cursing plus gore. Here's where my mixed feelings kick in, Why is there so much stuff Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer should be doing. Then more action and title card. The nerd yaks (OH HOW SUBTLE, STAY CLASSY JAMES), ending the trailer.

You know, this really isn't that good, sure I'm going to give this a fair chance (because some of the worst movies ever had great trailers, and some of the best movies ever had terrible trailers), but I really wanted to like this trailer. But I will give James this, at least he tried, I give this 2 ET cartridges out of 4.

This better be a Kickass movie for all I care, Just saying.

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