Sunday, November 18, 2012

Announcement: Blog week is this week

Starting 11/19/2012, I will posting a blog every day from that day until Friday. This will be known as Blog week. let me provide you with an introduction:

So yeah... I built up a lot of topics to talk about. They could be in one Random Rubbish Roundup, but they're to big for that. But some of these are a little small, there will be 5 topics leading up to my 1 year anniversary, which will be... READ THE DAMN SIDE BAR!!!!! I know it's thanksgiving and you're not going to be on the internet on Thursday, but this is the time to overthink, I want do what I wanted to do from the very beginning, get people talking and debating.

The topics we will discuss are:

11/19: Is MarzGurl  really as bad as she thinks?
11/20: AVGN Trailer first thoughts
11/21: Why I haven't played much of Skyward Sword yet
11/22: Disney Buying Lucasfilm
11/23: The good about modern gaming

I know, this is new to you, This is new to me too. I've never done this much blogs so fast, but trust me once this starts, there's no turning back.

See you once this starts.

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