Monday, November 19, 2012

Is MarzGurl really as bad as she thinks?

Well, here it is. Blog Week. 5 posts, 5 days, 5 topics. this topic is: MarzGurl Criticizing herself, and my thoughts on it. Before we begin, let's provide a little introduction...

Kaylyn "MarzGurl" Dicksion is a producer who started a  website in 2004, and filmed local anime conventions near or at San Antonio, TX. She didn't get as big as she was until 2008 where she entered the Nostalgia Chick contest on a Review site known as ThatGuyWithTheGlasses. She didn't exactly win (Lindsay Ellis won), but she was picked to be part of the website. She's been making content for them ever since. From Anime News, to Comparing versions of  International movies, TV shows, Video Games, anime, etc. Now she discusses animation.

So let's get to the main meat of the blog...

MarzGurl does not have that much confidence in herself. From post on her Twitter, to Videos, to blog posts,   to any form of communication on the internet, she admitted that she doesn't like her work that much. I'll be honest with you, I don't have that much confidence in my blog either, but I've only been doing this for a year so I haven't found that much of a fanbase. Kaylyn's been doing this for 8 YEARS!!!!!! She's been in various types of videos, from blogs to reviews. Hell, She has a bigger fanbase than me. Here's where I tell you what you can do to make you feel with anything.

TRY, TRY, AND TRY AGAIN!!! MAKE VIDEOS YOU WANT TO MAKE!!! It doesn't matter if you're a person looking at anime news, or reviewing bad adaptations, or reviewing animation (good or bad). What matters is that you're happy doing it. If you want to try something new, Go right ahead. As I said Keep trying until you succeed. If it doesn't get you the same amount of views as your regular videos and you want it do be more than a one-shot. As I said, Keep trying. If you're not happy with the way a certain project is turning out, stop doing it and move on to something else. Now onto the fact that there are people who are better than her at doing certain concepts.

Yeah, there not that many people doing animation reviews, There's Cartoon Hero, Krosecz, Hewy Lewis, AniMat (none of which who work for TGWTG). But there's people doing Anime Reviews on TGWTG (JesuOtaku for New ones, and Bennett for Older ones among others). Back when the site was still new, YOU WERE ONE OUT OF TWO DOING ANIME REVIEWS THERE!!!! The other one being Suede but he was out for a good two years. As for doing Anime News Editorials, There's not much sense on reciting recent news stories on anime and saying them out loud, and besides there's many people on YouTube who explain recent anime news and put their own opinion on it. They might be better than you chances are. But there's probably going to be producers better than you no matter what you do on that site. There's also Producers Worse than you (Irate Gamer, NC17Productions, Navgtr, Game Dude, all of which are game reviewers (which is the most cliched reviewer on the Internet)). If you want to do Video Game videos, Accept people might be better than you, try whatever you want to do that's game related, and Try, try, try again.

As for criticizing MarzGurl's figure (I will also talk about her voice, which she seems to criticize), Yeah I know you want to be skinny like you were 6 years ago, but you can be just as happy with your curvy looks. When it comes to dating, Appearance is probably the first thing a guy will notice on you, they might get to know you, and who knows, you might lead a life with a husband and a kid (or Kids). Dating 101, people. The best way that you showed your curvy looks is your Doronjo Cosplay (Seriously, why isn't there more fan art of that). Watch the video by Original Gamer and you will find out. As for MarzGurl's Voice, Let me put it this way, many women would kill for a voice like that. People actually like your voice, Get used to it and you might be more happy with it. Your voice is great for singing, Just saying.

This not meant to be mean at MarzGurl, I'm trying to tell her this in a friendly way. I'm also not trying to white knight her, just helping. So Kaylyn, If you're reading this, Please tell me what you think of it.


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