Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Official A. Yoshi Drinking Game...

So I've been doing this thing for half a decade to the tune of almost 40,000 views, I was 16 when this all started, but now the time of me turning 21 has come. 21 means beer, whine, whiskey, but how will this affect my blogs, well now you can actually get drunk while reading them. Here's the Official A. Yoshi Drink games. Here are the rules...

* Pick 5 to 8 rules, or 7 to 10 if you're going with non alcoholic drinks. I care about your health and safety.
*Must read 5 blogs (videos included as well), and they must at least fill up a browser window without the top or bottom crap or 5 or more minutes for videos. The longer the better.
*You can choose to take a sip (easy mode) or a shot (hard mode, recommend lowering the rules so you can stay alive because some of these are so frequent it isn't even funny).

Take a drink when:

*You notice an inaccuracy displayed (Opinions don't count, but the facts supported by those do).
*I Reference Marzgurl/Kaylyn Saucedo/Dicksion (don't know who she is look her up, some references are more blatant than others).
*The Blog Topic, or one of the blog topics are are related to japan (whether it being made, based, or whatever in there)
*I Reference a japanese anything (if it has a funny unpronounceable word/name it's probably from japan).
  • (Optional) take an extra drink if it's:
  1. Pokemon
  2. Kinnikuman
  3. Guyver
  4. Sailor Moon
  5. Power Rangers
  6. Any Other Tokusatsu (Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Etc.)
  7. Dr. Slump
  8. Yu-Gi-Oh 
  9. Shonen Jump (not the individual series, just the magazine itself)
  10. Nintendo (the company in general)
  11. N64
  12. any retro game or console from the region
  • For your own safety if it's a topic of the blog don't take extra shots
*If I make broken promise or suggest a blog I don't get to for over a year (Ex. It should be a gaming bits on it's own)
  • Take an extra drink for every extra year id doesn't happen for
* if there's a spelling error or grammatical error (If it's an early blog, only take sips, that happens a lot over there).
*Every time a non story focused blog has a family guy style cutaway skit, or peripheral characters are used.
*Every time I reference a location I Made up (Sam's Parts Shop, Bowsers, etc.)
*Every time I ask a viewer question no one answers (give it a month after the blog is posted).
*Every time make an attempt at humor.
  • Take an extra Drink if I failed at it in your opinion
*Every time I reference an IRL Person I know personally (brother, Parents, etc)
*Every time I have an X-Hit Combo/multiple blogs in one day
*Every time I indulge in the history of a product (Full on History Pieces don't count)
*Every time an RPG Style Battle occurs.
*Every time a signal lost message occurs
*A dated (or soon to be dated) reference occurs
*ALLCAPS are used.
*I make an unnecessarily huge list of things

Man that's a lot, Sip for common occurrences, drink responsibly, be the legal age to play and be careful. Until next time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! FELIZ COUMPLEANOS A TI! HOWEVER YOU SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN JAPANESE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

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