Thursday, November 24, 2016

A. Yoshi Opinion Piece: Talking About AM2R, Pokemon Uranium, The Game Awards, and how all the pieces "fit" Together...

This Just in, Nintendo is still Being Stubborn D*cks! Why Can't they ever grow up?

So incase you haven't heard, nintendo forced 2 fan games out of the Fan Creation of the Year at the game awards, They took down hundreds of fan games within the past year, and they're now saying essentially that these fan games don't exist. Yeah, Screw you too Nintendo. They've become worse than Electronic Arts, but not quite as bad as Konazi. I've been saying this since last year, it's time to stop, grow up, half of your company is old men who think lightning can strike twice. GET WITH THE FREAKING TIMES!!!! So AM2R and Pokemon uranium go s**tcanned  out of the game awards, I could say it was a mistake have 2 games that were taken down by the big N, to be featured on a game of the year show funded by the big game companies, but name me 2 other fan games that got more attention this year than usual. These games took years to make assuming that the money from these games came from the creators own pockets, and nothing to show from it. For once in your 127 year history, show respect for fan projects, youtubers, and anyone who liked you over the past century. I get that it's your intellectual property, but as long as they say support the official release, just leave them alone for 5 GOD FORSAKEN seconds, and as for how this'll affect Nintendo's relationship with the game awards has yet to  be seen, but I sense dark days ahead.

Oh and Zelda: BOTW got delayed, all I can say is, Ya better have a damned good launch game to fill in the void.

I don't hate nintendo, heck I posted a blog on one of their games, but I wish they'd wake up, because if bad press keeps on coming, your company's doomed. And if companies like Nintendo keep making bad business decisions and games get so much AAA bloat that they cease to be a quality experience, People are going to say "Screw This Hobby" and we have to live 1983 all over again. But that's a story for another time...

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If you've got a bone to pick with nintendo, here's their contact info, please be civil, we don't want them to see us a savages.

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