Friday, November 25, 2016

My Dream Loot Crate

I learned that Loot Crate has been looking find out what fans, like me, want to see in a future Loot Crate. I'm not being paid by Loot Crate, or anyone else, this is a fun imagination game...

Here's my Dream Loot Crate

The Theme: Japan's pop culture/otaku, It includes stuff from Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, Pokemon, and possibly Kinnikuman.

Here's the actual Contents:

A Megazord/Daizyujin Model Kit from Mighty Morphin/Zyuranger.

A Sailor Moon Key Chain, picked at random (there's plenty to choose from).

Kinnikuman art from Yudetamago (be Sure to add the M.U.S.C.L.E. logo and the Kinnikuman Logo)(it'll take a little working around Sh*t but just look at how much the art has improved over the series).

An Exclusive T Shirt (pick from Pokemon, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Power Rangers/tokusatsu, or whatever).

A Pokemon Plushie (chose random from the Kanto Starters, Pikachu, or Eevee)

A Zelda Hookshot replica, for cosplays or whatever...

That's it for now, a mix of J-Pop culture items and to Carly, I hope you like...

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