Sunday, November 13, 2016

Regarding the slowdown on updates...

So yeah, we haven't talked in awhile, this election fallout has took all my motivation from me to blog, but rest assured that updates should probably speed up soon, I wish Donald Trump wasn't going to be president, but I also want Kaylyn to notice me, and maybe acknowledge me, or better yet, my cockatiel to stop eating her own sh*t. Meh, life ain't always fair. Blogs might be sparse until I feel motivated, but Blogs you can expect this month include the Official A. Yoshi Drinking game, at least one gaming bits this month, a 50th anniversary of Ultraman look at the Super Ultra 8 Brothers film, also an announcement of a very special sorts. So stay patient and diligent and pray that we're still alive in 4 years...

also did you check out these projects of mine?

Yoshiette Adventures

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