Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Blip's going to be gone soon, Why am I not Surprised?

Well this was bound to happen, a few days after Superman beat Goku again (which I completely expected because simply put Goku can get upgrades until the end of time, he'll just be to flawed to compete with godlike Superman), Disney/Maker is closing blip.tv on the 20th of next month. Why am I not Surprised?

Well, several reasons. the biggest of which is that blip has been desperate these past couple of years, they've been shrinking o the point that if you don't make at least 3-4 figures every month, You're not wanted there, blip even stopped uploading League of Super Critics videos. I've been telling myself that the site along with Channel Awesome was dying as early as 2013, maybe even before I was forced to leave the Marzfandom. The Reviewer business (if you want to call it that), is a hard business to get into, not only is it over populated to the point where you can't get to be a success story without luck, You can't find a usable platform for your videos/posts, there was a site called rise of the critics, it bombed, Zippcast keeps going on and off, Dailymotion is probably your best bet, but it isn't as intuitive as Youtube (which has so many problems it ain't funny). Patreon is an absolute must at this point if you want to make ka-ching off your reviews. There's several reviewers who left the business after it devolved into tho the ones with the most power and money get to stay longer. It's kind of a shame too because there's no F***ING Excuse for 1,000 view AllieRX to get less views than 25,000 View kid who post vertical videos repeating 2 points for 5 minutes. i probably did it for the best to go out of the reviewaverse fandom like I was in 2010-2012 and find some new hobbies. I hate to say it but like everything else on the internet, the reviewaverse was a fad, and the light has finally burnt out.

Another reason blip has declined was the clunkiness of the website. The search feature is clunky, the player kind of sucks, and it just isn't intuitive as even Dailymotion, it's hard to predict what the next big thing for anything will be, but a lot of things are presented as the next big thing and fail, and while others that were never intended to be such become MASSIVE. I know people are going to hate me for this but Reviewaverse 2009 isn't the same as Reviewaverse 2015.

In closing, best of luck to any reviewers/producers affected by the Blipocalypse III: The Final Destruction...

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