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Learn your ABC's of Gaia Memories!!!! Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/Gaia Memory of Fate Movie Director's Cut Review

Like almost all heisei era Kamen Rider Movies, Kamen Rider W had it's own movie, And like almost all movies in that section of the franchise, It had a director's cut, I like watching my rider movies in this format, Hence the reason I haven't watched the Wizard movie yet (though Toei hasn't said squat about that version of that movie as of this writing). So how is this movie? Is it better than the other 2 rider movies I reviewed?


The movie begins with the Toei logo (WAVES AND ROCKS!!!!!), but it actually begins with a helicopter chase, where a man kills the men inside that helicopter and takes the Eternal Memory, henshins into Kamen Rider Eternal and reunites with his fellow NEVER members (they'll be the villains of the movie. He swears revenge to the city, we get the theme and an introduction to Kamen Rider W for all the parents in the audience. Akiko wants to go to the Fuuto Tower Fireworks Show, but the show has been delayed because of rain. she's going crazy and attacking Shotaro. Philip's reading a blank book, After talking to a kid, he bumps into Dopants Double has defeated before. What is assumed to be Shroud defends Philip, and when Shotoro joins the fun and henshins. In another area of town Nazca and Weather dopants are attacking, and Kamen Rider Accel Intercepts. The 2 fights go on and Accel uses his finisher.


Double sees a Cyclone Dopant and uses his finisher on the 2 monsters. Turns out the 2 dopants are the Watcherman and Santa-Chan. The heroes give their Memories to the mystery lady, and we learn about NEVER. We then get a montage of the heroes looking for memories, and Philip playing a music box. Philip goes into a hotel room with the lady and gives the music box to the lady. The heroes are still searching for Gaia Memories and another lady intercepts. The lady and Shotaro fight, and the Girl shows herself as the Heat Dopant. Double henshins and we get a chase scene. The Luna Dopant appears and creates footsoldiers. Double decides to go for the foot soldiers and beats all of them. When 2 fighters reunite, the fight, and we get joined by the Metal Dopant. The 3 Dopants and Double fight. Double gets his ass handed to him, by the Cyclone Dopant helps him. The Sonozaki's notice the fights going on and meanwhile Phlip and tries to learn more about the enemy. we learn more about NEVER, and they intercept the Fuuto Tower and hijack it. They go to the fireworks festival and attack the people there. After they get Fuuto Tower, the Heroes get the the developmen ground of Fuuto. Kamen Rider Eternal and the heroes trade dialogue, and the 2 henshin into Double FangJoker and both sides fight. The Trigger Dopant Reveals himself. Double decides to go Xtreme, and still gets owned by Eternal, while Accel is getting owned by the Trigger Dopant. The 2 good riders detransform, Eternal tries to get the T2 memories, but the Cyclone Dopant defends. NEVER gets the Memories either way. NEVER tells Fuuto about their plans. While the heroes discuss their plans, Philip runs away, and while that is happening, Fuuto is going crazy over the Gaia Memories. Kamen Rider Skull (don't worry, I'll be getting to him someday too) gives Shotaro his Lost Driver, but the Heat Dopant intercepts. Maria and Philip talk in private at an empty theater. Kotsumi tells that Maria is not Philip's mother. Kotsumi steals Philip, Shotaro and the Heat Dopant fight. When Shotaro finds the T2 Joker memory he transforms into...

What he said.

The fight continues and Joker sends the monster to HELL!!!!! Meanwhile Kotsumi is using Philip as a support circuit for his ultiamte weapon, the X-Bicker. The 2 riders go towards Fuuto Tower, and a lot of Action starts to ensue... Footsoldiers, dopants, and a whole lot of ASS WHOOPINGS in the tune to an awesome soundtrack. Joker faces Metal Dopant and Accel faces Trigger Dopant. After a good fight, Joker defeats Metal Dopant. Joker goes into the control room of the operation, and faces Kamen Rider Eternal. After beating Joker and Detransforming him, he takes all the Gaia Memories he collected and starts to set up the X-Bicker. The Defeated Dopants turn to dust. Right wen the X-Bicker starts to work, Philip messes with the device, and Kotsumi kills Maria. Accel fights the 2 remaining Dopants. Maria Dies in Philip's arms, and Shotaro, Philip, and Katsumi Transform into Double and Eternal Respectively. They both fight, but the fight's interrupted by Luna Dopant. A mystery man loses a coin and this man seems kind of unique. He Henshins with A tune by the great Akira Kushida and turns into...

Kamen Rider OOO, Coming soon to Toys "R" Us Stores all across Japan!!!!

OOO fights against the Luna Dopant, and Cuts him in half with his sword. Accel kills the Trigger Dopant, an dthe final fight against Double and Eternal Start and not to long after that, He goes into CycloneJokerXtreme while Eternal goes into his ultimate form. The Wind In Fuuto gets strong and Double turns into his Super Mega form (and I can't believe I referenced that horrible series)...


All joking aside, Double delivers his final finisher to the monster the awesome tune of W-B-X Double Boiled Xtreme. The people cheer, celebrate, and that makes up most of the end of the movie. but wait, there's a scene after the credits that I can't Tell What they're trying to tell us. I won't be a complete jerk and spoil it for you, but you can see for yourself...

This was Really good action fest, Fast paced action, good choreography, and the story is pretty decent, if you're looking for some good popcorn entertainment, see this...


Never has some of the best looking Dopants in the series, They're so McFarlane worthy, Eacch based of one of Double's Gaia Memories. they're the strongest Dopants that Double had to face, and they're Undead. Kotsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal is A Gaia Memory obsessed undead monster who uses his Gaia Memories for destruction and turning people into undead people. These might not be the most interesting Villains but they are some of the best designed.


This is the film's strong point, it has great action, great designs for everything, and the effects are really big scale. You really get the feeling that the stakes are high with this one. but it is mostly an action fest, so...


If you've got a weekend to waste, this is one of the better Kamen Rider movies, but it's not the best thing if you're looking for a really great story (even if the story isn't bad, look for Masked Rider The First for that). Pop some popcorn, Get the movie from TV-Nihon, and watch for pure badass unadulterated action!!!!! I give this 3.25 Fuuto Towers out of 4.

See you all next year, and remember, count up your sins.

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