Saturday, December 6, 2014

Random Rubbish Roundup SESSION 2 #2: First thoughts on 3 trailers...

Gyudon is all I need for the next 300 years,
Fast, Delicious, and cheap too.

Oh sorry, I was just catching up on Kinnikuman for a big project that's currently in the Planning stages. I'll reveal more in the new years's update. Also I can't wait for Na Na Na Ninja Ninja Ninja Ninja!!!! Ninninger NINNINININNINGER!!!!!! Ninninger Ninja Ninja Ninja!!!!!! Shuriken Sentai NIIIIINNINGER!!!!! The costumes aren't perfect, but they don't look that ridiculous or goofy. So what's this blog about? my quick thoughts on the The Star Wars VII, Jurassic World, and Terminator Genisys does (16 bit arcade graphics), You can't do this on Nintendo.... What were we talking about again?

R.Cubed Story #1: Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

This is an interesting specimen, for one thing I had a talk with a friend about when the trailer would premiere, and it literally premiered 3 days later. Kind of Ironic, don't you think? But the real reason this is interesting is that it's different without deviating away from the originals like the prequels did. The multi-racial cast is one thing, but I also liked the 3 bladed lightsaber. it feels like J.J. Abrams re created that Star Wars magic that  once upon a time George Lucas had. That's all I got on the trailer, it could terribly suck, but it will be interesting. The trailer doesn't tell us much, but just wait...

R.Cubed Story #2: Jurassic World:

I recall the time when they revealed this movie, and before long they revealed a trailer... Now I thought this movie was going suck, believe me, talk to my tailor!!!!! Jurassic World currently looks awesome, All the dinosaurs are at war with each other, Someone made this look more awesome than I thought it would be!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!! I admit that I approve of this movie, because crap movies always make me kind of mad!!!!! A HUGE Tyrannosaurus ate the head of the MPAA, which just proves they're not all that bad... Jurassic World currently looks awesome, All the dinosaurs are at war with each other,Some one screwed with the last 2 movies. I'm afraid this will make me lose my faith in movies, because Yoshiette has big Boobies, and the Universal sees us as their drones not their customers!!!! OH NO!!!!!! *Opens magic goodie bag* *Yoshi Screams* *Hallucinations happen for 30 seconds* Jurassic World currently looks awesome, All the dinosaurs are at war with each other, What an interesting movie this has been so far!!!!! So I will still buy a ticket, if this movie sucks I'll tell them where to stick it, and I don't think I'll be seeing this again!!!!! OH NO!!!!!!!

In all seriousness, this is yet another interesting specimen, It reveals more than Star Wars, but It doesn't have the same interest level for me because of that.

R.Cubed Story #3: Terminator Genisys Does What Nintendon't:

It looks interesting again. It looks like a good actionfest, but I can't tell how it will handle as an actual movie. It's got Sci-Fi Action, Explosions, special effects, 2 different Schwarzeneggers, but what about story, We'll have to see. I can't say much about it since it's mostly action, but we'll see in a few months...

Now I'm waiting for the Fantastic Four Reboot Trailer...

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