Saturday, February 22, 2014

Toku Rubbish Roundup #1: A new segment where I take a look at Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider episodes

So ToQGer just happened, I'm not Impressed. Yeah, I wasn't exactly impressed with Kyoryuger, but it has a certain appeal to it, and it kind of has aspects of 80s and 90s sentai with aspects of Abaranger (which I wasn't a big fan of). So I decided from week to week, I'm going to take a look at each week's sentai, rider, and ranger episode. So Today we're taking a look at the first episode of ToQGer, the second episode of Super Megaforce, and the 18th episode of Gaim.


First off, I'm well aware this is a kids show, but at times it feels like a real little kids show. As better than the Deboss Army as they are (at least from looks), sometimes the villains feel like they don't belong in the show. Let me explain all of this. So the world is in a real colorful, imagination (NO I'M NOT PULLING OUT THE SPONGEBOB CLIP!!!!!!) filled world, the Shadow Line wants to cover this world in darkness with their shadow monsters. The Rainbow line and the ToQGers must prevent the little kids from getting their imagination stolen. The humor can get obnoxious at times, and it feels like a little kids show (more so than Kyoryuger) because of the premise. The villains feel too dark and scary for little kids to take, so that's audience confusion right there, but they do fill the Rainbow VS Darkness thing that the show's going for. The music isn't that memorable so that's another thing that show fails on. most of my criticisms from ToQGer's initial announcement hasn't changed, so don't ask. Right now I'm not impressed with the show, but it's only the first episode. I give this a 2.5 Red Ressha's out of 4. Also this...


Kamen Rider Gaim has gotten slightly better as the series went on (with the beat riders story taking more and more of a backseat the the villains of the show, Yggdrasil), but it's still a cluttered mess. I feel like this is the final nail of the coffin for the beat riders thing, but I'm not holding my breath just yet. This episode is the debut of Kamen Rider Knuckle, who just adds another rider to the already confusing story. Other than that we get Kamen Rider Bravo versing the good Kamen Riders, the breakdancers dancing, and there's not much new that I can talk about. OK episode, but not much new. I give this 2.75 Kurumi Lockseeds out of 4.


The season hasn't improved much from the first episode. Not to mention the more I think about it, the more I dislike this season, It just plays it safe for both Episodes I saw. I'll admit they recreated the sentai scenes with american actors really well, but other than that it's really dull, NOT TO MENTION THEY MADE THE DAIRANGERS SUCK!!!!!! Yes, they actually had the balls to use the Dairanger Suits in the american footage, and it's as painful as it sounds. It's an SPD centric episode, with powers and zords to match. Yep they ****ed it up the ass pretty hard with that one. To go off on a tangent, I swear if they forget about Vrak by not bringing him up through the entire series, I'm going to scream. Anyway Not a good episode, 2 Delta Runner Zords out of 4.

Now back to the story.

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