Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Quick Thoughts on BOTH The Lego Movie and Power Ranger Super Megaforce Episode 1

This is A. Yoshi Log 1.337, reporting from the city slums. You know that guy who killed Yoshiette 1, insulted the entire ship crew, and Hangs out with the Moderator? That's not me. DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!!! I SWEAR IT'S JUST ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE NEGA YOSHI CLONES!!!!! HIDE, HE MIGHT BE AFTER YOU!!!!! Anyway, I saw both The Lego Movie and Power Rangers Super Megaforce Episode, So get ready for a quick opinion on both of them.

So, Lego Movie, It's great, It's not like those films like Transformers and GI Joe which are interested in the name of the toy and nothing else. Some people may love it for reasons they love Scott Pilgrim, and Wreck-It Ralph, but like those movies there's a deeper side to them. So if you liked The Lego Movie for the nostalgia factor alone and you're 13 or over, then go watch one of Seltzer and Freidberg's movies, because you'll like the fact that they've got so many references and so little substance. The Lego Movie's nothing like that, The References are nice, but the reason you'll like is how they use it. Sure some of the references are in the movie for less than 2 seconds, but when the references are there, they're really clever. But the film's cleverness goes beyond the references. It makes fun of the way people play with Legos, No matter how you play with Legos, you'll find enjoyment in this film, heck it's animated like a brickfilm. This has the best big screen representation of Batman in a while, not to mention all the history of Legos this film acknowledges. If you're an older adult you may find this weird, but if you're a kid or young adult (Like myself), You might like this film, especially the ending, Which is a mix of weird and cute (that's all I'm saying on the matter). Go see The Lego Movie, NOW, It's easily the best Animated film since Toy Story 3. I give this 3.75 Pieces of Resistance out of 4.

Now, Super Megaforce Episode 1, it's... very.... Meh. Not to say it's bad, It's just very dull. I have a feeling it's going to take chucks of the 51 episodes of Gokaiger and Grind them up into hamburger.I won't tell you much about the story, but It's episodes 1 & 2 of Gokaiger, I know it's only 20 episodes long but I wish it would take it's sweet time with things. The real reason It's dull is because nothing memorable comes out of it, If I want to watch the first 2 episodes of Gokaiger, I'd watch The first 2 episodes of Gokaiger. I do Like the references to past Power Rangers Seasons, but that's nothing compared to the 35 years of history Gokaiger covers. Heck Dino Thunder and Operation Overdrive did more justice to the Power Rangers Legacy than this Schlock. Still I'm not giving up just yet. So cross your fingers. It could pull a 180. That's all I have to say on the matter. I give this 2.75 Legacy Morphers out of 4.

Watch out for Nega Yoshi 2.

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