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LIFE IS SHOWTIME!!!! Kamen Rider Wizard Final Thoughts


Yoshiette 1 got eaten by a mystery creature, Yoshi fell apart, Yoshiette 2 Put him back together, and The Kids are putting the set back together. What Happens next, find out today.

Anonymous Yoshi: Can you help pass out these flyers?

Yoshiette 2: Sorry Yoshi, but i'm repairing the Ramen Machine that went out of order the other day.

PK Chu: Sorry, but I'm drinking Monster while catching up on the Daily Show.

Cucco Girl: Sorry dude, but me and the other kids are repairing the set. Just get to the Second blog of Toku Month 2.

So Kamen Rider Wizard just ended, some people loved it, some people hated it, but I'm in the loved it camp, It wasn't 555 or Kabuto, but I can recommend it more than Fourze. So there's a lot to judge the series by, so why are we stalling, when we can just get to the damn review. So let's do it man, shall we?



So a solar eclipse causes several hundreds of people to be turned into creatures known as Phantoms, It's up to Haruto Souma to stop them. The Phantoms are lead by the mysterious Wiseman. His two henchmen are Medusa and Phoenix (Who's later replaced by Gremlin). Wizard Got his powers from the White Wizard, who gave him Wizard Rings, Which can posses the powers of Flame, Water, Hurricane, and Land. He later get's Dragon Rings, Which gives him a dragon head on his chest, Tail, Claws, Wings, or he can possess them all in his All Dragon Form. Haruto is later joined by Kosuke Nitoh, AKA Kamen Rider Beast. What's their Motivation? Well phantoms from people are still being created when peoples keepsakes are getting destroyed, by other phantoms. The riders get even better forms, For Beast Hyper Mode, which comes with a super gun called the Mirage Magnum. For Wizard, He's given a sword which turns into an axe called the Axecallibur. SPOILERS FOLLOW THIS: So the series starts to come to a close at the end of episode 47 when The White Wizard/Wiseman kills Medusa, He sets up 3 other Mages he found throughout the series to set up an eclipse. They are known as Kamen Rider Mages Orange, Blue, and Green. Kamen Rider Beast Tries to stop the White Wizard's Plot, But sacrifices his Powers just to stop the Eclipse. Episode 50 is where Wizard and the White Wizard fight, A Rider Kick collision ends the White Wizard, but weakens Haruto. The Macguffin that White Wizard tries to use to help with his ritual comes in the possession of Gremlin along with White Wizard's Sword and he becomes the True Final Boss of Kamen Rider Wizard (There's one more but he's sort of a side boss (more on that later)). Haruto uses the last of his powers to Defeat the Gremlin, life goes on, Ending the series. YES, I'M WELL AWARE THERE'S TO MORE EPISODES, BUT I'LL GET TO THEM AT A LATER DATE!!!!!!

That was a pretty damn good story, Sure It's nowhere as good as Kabuto or 555, but as I said It's better than Fourze. You really have to see it to find out all about this drama and fantasy in this story. This feels a lot like B-Fighter in episode placement. Both series have 53 episodes, Both have similar episode placements, (New recruit: B-Fighter 22, Wizard 17. New Villain: B-Fighter 19, Wizard 21. Villain Dies: B-Fighter 18, Kamen Rider 23. Upgrades: B-Fighter 36, Kamen Rider 31. Series Finale Beginnings: Both 46. Team Up special: at the very end of the series.


The Riders:

Haruto Souma/Kamen Rider Wizard starts out as sort of emo due to the loss of his parents, but cuts it out and turns more badass than before. He has the powers of the four elements, can upgrade to more powerful versions of those forms, He later get's Infinity Style which has all the powers in one. Kosuke Nitoh/Kamen Rider Beast starts out as the comedy relief, but turn more into a badass as the series progresses. He Has the powers of Lion, Chameleon, Falcon, Buffalo, and Dolphin, He later get's a Hyper mode which looks cool, just look at their super modes.

The Other Mages Aren't that interesting other than a story with one of them being one of the villain's sister. Which brings me to

The Phantoms:

The Phantoms were humans until an eclipse caused them to turn to demons. Phoenix is badass, but he's got no story to him other than his personal Vendetta against Wizard. Gremlin is his replacement and wants to be good again, which makes him sort of a whinny villain. Medusa is the most interesting non-big bad villain, with a sibling relationship with Mayu/Kamen Rider Mage Orange. She has a more detailed explanation how she became a villain. Sou Fueki/White Wizard/Wiseman is the most interesting villain by far, with so much mystery surrounding him up to the end of the series.


I already said my piece on this in the last Wizard Review and My views haven't changed much, The monster designs look cool and McFarlane worthy. The hero costumes look so good too, I already shown you the ultimate rider forms, but you have to see the others when you get the chance. The Belt still looks babyish, but Beast's belt is so great, It opens up and doesn't have to sing obnoxiously to henshin. The other effects look kind of fake, more so than old Kamen Rider Series. The Music is epic and the main theme Life Is Showtime is iPod worthy.


This was a damn good rider series, It's not 555 or Kabuto, But It's definitely not Fourze. I give this 3.25 Wizard Rings out of four.

Now back to the story.

AY: Mountain Dew, Check. Zebra Cakes, Check. Cup Noodle, Check. Hot Dogs, Check. 3DS, Check. Chocolate Bar, Check. Doritos, Check. Flyers, Check. Mallet, Check. InstaWaffle, Check. Other ****, Check. Koopy Troopy, You're carrying all my stuff to the depths and the outskirts of SimCity.

Koopy Troopy: I'm not going tpo enjoy this.

AY: Yoshiette 2, Get my premade blogs ready, because Toku Month 2 JUST BECAME GARO MONTH!!!!!!

YE2: *Nods Head*

AY & Koopy: We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Sims. I don't know who he is, but I think he eats Chicken Limbs.


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