Thursday, April 18, 2013

My personal theory on Why Ash Ketchum is still 10, Plus My thoughts on other fan theories.

Well, Mewtwo has a new form, and I couldn't care less for it. Maybe I'm being too harsh on Pokemon X and Y, since after all if you're looking forward to it, You're entitled to that opinion, since after all I've been recently accused of attacking people for Not liking the same things I like (even though the incident this person accused me of happened months ago, not saying he or she's a bad person, just kind of wanted to point that out). My big problem with Pokemon X and Y is because there's too much mystery, as in Nintendo wants to make this the biggest and best Pokemon game to date when it's probably going to be not as good as the old Pokemon games or Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. I'm still going to give the Generation VI games the benefit of the doubt, but anyway, onto the blog.

OH COME ON, I HAD TO!!!!!! But anyway, Someone goes into a dimension that Pokemon are real, and finds an ancient book containing all the unknown secrets of the Pokemon world. One of the big secrets is that When Arceus created the first Pokemon, He saw a world filled with wildlife and the first humans started seeing how good natured the Pokemon really were and used them as...

Yoshiette: *facepalm* None of that ever happened in Pokemon...
Anonymous Yoshi: Well that sucks.

YE: Ummmm...... Yeah, Ya think?

AY: Bores fan?

YE: Shut up, just blog.

We all know ash was 10 years old since 1997, But WHYYYYYYYYYY?!?!

YE: Awwwwww, Here it goes.


The question is WHY IS ASH STILL 10 YEARS OLD?!?!


My personal Theory is Probably the most likely, and that is a year in The Pokemon Universe probably isn't exactly 365 days. This is based on a fan Theory from Linkara in one of his History of Power Rangers videos suggesting a Year in Power Rangers time isn't exactly 365 days either. So let's say the average Pokemon Year is at least 800-900 days. The problem with this theory is that it raises a lot of questions, like "How could there be 12 months on a Pokemon if the years are so long?" 1) the Months could be longer or 2) There's more months in the Pokemon could be more months on the Pokemon Calender, since after all There's no real Indication of Earth months in the Pokemon world (at least from what I can tell). The former is more flawed than the latter, because in at least one case, the narrator said Ash and his crew have been traveling for several MONTHS, so there's no way they could have traveled that much long of a time in 30, 40, 50, or whatever time it took them to get to the Diglett episode, but yeah, Maybe Dialga (the time Pokemon) and Palkia (the Space pokemon) had a fight in the time of Ash's adventures that caused a screw up in time and space that caused the months to be longer (Neither of them were discovered yet), but How could NO ONE NOTICE SUCH A TREND!!!!!! But Ash might be 11, just hasn't noticed it since he's been away from home a long time. But that's my theory, Let's see some other fan theories.

This is not exactly a fan theory, but the official theory given by the show staff, and I don't like it, and I'll explain why when I quote it...

"The show was Cyclical Because it Could be. The audience is Constantly replaced, So they are allowed to get away with having the same repetitive goal. So, The show will probably continue the same way; Collect Badges, Travel to different regions, never age."

OK, I'VE NEVER SEEN SUCH AN EGOTISTICAL, INSULTING, ARROGANT, CONDESCENDING, AND DISRESPECTFUL EXPLANATION FOR A COMMON CRITICISM THAN THIS!!!!! Electronic Arts, eat your heart out. 1) Cyclical CAN work in an action-adventure show, Mainly 50s, 60s, and 70s superhero shows. But they don't have a real ongoing story to begin with. Yes I know Tokusatsu franchises like Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and Power Rangers would also suck by my own logic, BUT They've got enough different stuff between series for older fans, and stuff for younger fans (not to mention You can tell each series apart, rather than being a cutout of the previous season with the same characters and storyline for the most part). 2) So you're saying Pokemon doesn't have adult fans, even though there's tournaments, conventions, and other stuff that appeals to adult fans. Are you as blind as a ******* Bat? About anything can have adult fans, but You think Pokemon's just for kids, See how retarded that sounds. 3) Characters don't age in Pokemon, Do you see why you're getting owned by the Pokemon Adventures Manga? The reason it works in sitcom shows is because the shows are usually very episodic, no overlapping story, just story of the day. Pokemon Kind of works the same way, BUT (again) it has a story. So congratulations Pokemon Anime staff, you're now worse than Electronic Arts.

The Next Exlaination is More respected, That is when Ash saw Ho-oh in the very first episode of Pokemon, He stopped aging and maturing. This is backed up by the Generation IV Pokemong Games having Ho-oh's Pokedex entry say He grants who ever sees it eternal happiness, Ash's Wish was to become the greatest Pokemon trainer there ever was, so he won't age until he does so. But we don't know what Ash's eternal happiness is, We don't know if he wants to gain the respect of his dad that we never see, or he wants to do it because it's hip and trendy, or whatever. But one flaw I do have with it is that If Ash doesn't age, how does every one else stay the same age forever? Remember when I said that my theory is the best, This is probably the best or close to the best.

The final big theory is Ash's coma. He got into bike incident in the first episode, and he's been a coma for 15+ years. OK, THIS IS PRETTY DOD DERNED STUPID!!!!!! It Retcons the events of the anime, that's bad enough, but has to do it in a way that's to dark for the anime to handle. Then again even the most juvenile of Kid's entertainment has dark secrets (WARNING: THE FOLLOWING MAY BE CHILDHOOD RUINING), There's a thing on the internet suggesting Andy from Toy Story was having his parents going through a divorce (Google Toy Story Divorce Theory), an the other day on twitter It's suggested that Cailiou might have...


AY: FINE, Just let me end it.

So that's my opinion, please put your theories in the comments below, so until next time, stay gold.

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