Saturday, April 20, 2013

Looking back at D2Brigade's Demise. Was this foreshadowing for the future of the Reviewaverse?

1 year ago today, the site known as had it's main team disband, Most members of the reviewaverse didn't notice it or didn't care enough to give a damn, because it's not part of the "Big 3" review sites at the time (ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, RVT (then Reviewtopia), and Reviewers Unknown), at least not directly. But think about it, has this one event really affected the Reviewaverse for the future?

This blog might be shorter than usual, so once this blog ends, I want you to think, think about the future for reviewers like me.

We all know my catchphrase, "The Reviewaverse will never die." But each time there's a new event to the reviewaverse, The future looks more bleek and bleek.

Let's start with Desu Des Brigade's demise. It affected most of the reviewers who were big in reviewers back in the day (like myself). Let's provide a better explanation of what happened. I was a Huge fan of JesuOtaku and Vixen of D2Brigade, I'm still a fan of both of them (one more than the other, and it was kind of the other way around back in the day, but I'll get to that), But when they announced their departure, I thought to myself, "What's happening to the internet? With Ed Gould's Passing, Alvin Earthworm ending Super Mario Bros. Z, a lot of internet personalities calling it quits, most once praised reviewers get more or just as much hate as Irate Gamer, and now THIS!!!!". For those who don't know the site, go to the end of a previous blog I made. Why did the site die, It was because the site was essentially ran by teenagers, I know, they're in their early 20s, but that's what I mean. Sure it CAN work (like Reddit), but Site's like those are megasites that can last on their own thanks to large fanbases, Made to be Private, or can have admins that can be replaced. D2 was supposed to be better than Anime News Network at a much smaller scale, but turned out to be just as successful as a 3rd rate Naruto Fansite.

Maybe this is a conspiracy but just a couple months later, Spoony left TGWTG. I'm not going to recap what happened because I'd be beating a horse deader than Irate Gamer's early reviews. Basically Spoony made a bad taste joke to JO, He got suspended from TGWTG for 4 weeks, he got mad, he got fired, He got into a twitter Rant, and a bunch of TGWTG Producers and fans lit fuel into the fire. I'm still kind of pissed about this, It really affected my fandom of Spoony, but I think people need to get over it (unfortunately not every one did, but we'll get to that).

Next is the whole AVGN Cheetahmen II thing, Basically people were complaining about about AVGN sponsoring the funding of a game that took 1/3 of what the owner of the Kickstarter asked for, even though the guy in question was rich. Basically, I can sum up this whole fiasco in 3 words "I. Don't. Care." Basically all the blame went to James, when some of the blame could have gone to Pat the NES Punk, or The Game Chasers (who were also involved), but The most blame should have gone to Greg Pabich (the guy who started it all). Seriously, What's happening that's turning the reviewaverse upside down?

Next is the end of the orginal Nostalgia Critic series, I have mixed feelings about it. Basically I felt that way because, I think NCritic died after 2011, and To Boldly Flee was a cluttered mess, but It just goes to show that TGWTG isn't as profitable anymore. That's quite depressing when you think about it.

2 other of my favorite TGWTG Producers left TGWTG, and those are PushingUpRoses (who might have had her own section if she didn't stop that life threatening illness she had in 2012), and JewWario. They both left TGWTG because by and large TGWTG isn't that great of a platform for them anymore. 2 of the BEST TGWTG Producers essentially decided to leave because the site Isn't that great nowadays. Forget that J-Dub got called an E-beggar, that has nothing to do with it.

RVT shot itself in the foot with the MAGFest incident and destroyed the almost the whole website, It isn't worth recapping, but It's been 3 months and they still have yet to fully recover from it. So RVT and TGWTG are both doomed to die soon. Just saying.

Next, Nostalgia Critic Returning, yeah...

So it comes down to individual producer's happenings, like behind the scenes stuff happening to MarzGurl and JesuOtaku, Kaylyn had one hell of a year last year, most of the REAL fans understood, and accepted it, but most other fans didn't accusing Marz of begging without knowing Jack Diddley Squat about anything (I'm not trying to white knight her, just trying to point that out), or wishing she would make more videos, I would like her to make more videos too, but she's busy. I have to stop my self before I get Pissy with it, and start pissing her off. JO hasn't been doing much as I said before, bu now she's been getting herself into trouble by insulting Spoony, and her breakup with Nash.

With Youtube being the way it is, Blip changing, and review sites not as popular as they used to be, is the reviewaverse doomed? You decide.

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