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JOCHAKU!!!! Space Sheriff Gavan: the Movie review

[4/27/13 10:57 CST] Anonymous Yoshi: Shhh.... Yoshiette's recharging her batteries. I'm putting the Space Sheriff Gavan theme live performance on her iPod, I think she might like it very much.

[4/27/13 10:59 CST] AY: *Puts iPod on Yoshiette's night stand* Now that's done, let's watch the new Toonami.


Yoshiette: Time to listen to my iPod...

*Space Sheriff Gavan theme plays*

YE: So. Damn. 70's. Can't. Resist. DANCING!!!!!!

So, Space Sheriff Gavan the movie is out, and it feels great just to see a new Metal Hero... Well, anything since Toei completely SCREWED UP the Metal Hero Franchise with B-Robo Kabutack, then Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack, then a game on the PS2, and It was a long wait since we got Gokaiger VS. Gavan, and that episode of Go-Busters, now finally this, Was this worth he wait, or should have the Metal Hero Franchise stayed dead.


Spoiler alert. Read at your own risk.

The movie starts with the Toei logo (as always), WAVES AND ROCKS!!!!!! OK, the actual Movie starts with Motorcycle racing With cool Looking bikes. We get introduced to our Main Hero Geki, and his Friend Tooya screws up the race for him, Geki looks up to the mountains, He argues with Tooya and their female friend Itsuki gives them some water. Geki and Tooya get ready to go to space, Itsuki gives them a star Pendant. When the two reach Mars, they lose their signal, one year later, Itsuki reads an email, and something comes closer & closer. It's one of the staff of the space center. The lights go out, the staff member investigates and get's killed. Some more staff get killed by the same monster. Itsuki tries to get away from the monster and seems to for a brief second, but the monster strikes back. A ball of light attacks the monster and it turns out it's Gavan, with the title screen appearing shortly thereafter. The monster is revealed to be Zan Vardo, who looks like the devil mixed with Phoenix from Kamen Rider Wizard. The two fight for a bit, Gavan brings out his sword, Zan Vardo takes the girl when A beam knocks them apart, and finally Gavan Uses his laser blade to do the Gavan Dynamic to finish off the creature. He then disappears to his spaceship. On the spaceship The crew argues about Geki going to earth without the commander's permission, then they talk about why the Makuu (the villains of the Gavan series) is back. Geki Explains why he's a space sheriff, The commander gives him one more chance, meanwhile Brighton (the seemingly main villain of the movie, who looks like a skug from VR Troopers with a cracked helmet and a cape) talks to Lizard Doubler (who looks almost nothing like a lizard) about the information Lizard Doubler stole from the space center. Brighton calls upon Zan Vardo, and Witch Kiru (Who's essentially Rita Repulsa meets any female bad guy from any 80s or 90s cartoon). Witch Kiru goes to earth, and Itsuki looks up to the sky. She sees Geki, and Geki reveals his identity to her. They go the the space ship, Shelly sends the spaceship to Oyami Energy Laboratory, Then Geki Explains what happened a year ago with him and Tooya. So apparently Tooya was finding a wormhole to get Itsuki and got sucked in. Geki and Shelly change their outfits, Geki explains about his relationship with him, Itsuki, and Tooya when they made a pledge to go to space. When they get to the Laboratory, they hear a cry for help, but it's revealed to be a trap. The lab's staff is being possessed. When Shelly get's to the interior of the lab, Witch Kiru takes off her disguise, and they start fighting. Lizard Doubler activates the Axis-Shift device to send the meteorite in the lab to Makuu Castle to revive Don Horror. Witch Kiru escapes to the Maku dimension and everyone in the lab escapes the lab. Itsuki looks at the Pendant she gave Tooya (which she somehow has), and She heals Shelly. Geki goes over how Tooya disappeared in greater detail. Geki and Itsuki Goes to the warehouse district in the middle of SCENIC NOWHERE!!!!! They enter a warehouse and Brighton reveals himself to the heroes. Gavan Henshins, fights Brighton, but Brighton sends Itsuki to the Makuu Dimension. The other 3 villains come in and send in their stupid looking footsoldiers, Seriously, did they blow the budget designing the costumes and didn't have enough to design convincing enough mooks, Give me $300 and I can do it better. Geki get's his ass handed to him, but a SUV comes and It's the original Gavan. Shelly Is healing Geki, and Geki seems to be ready to go out to the world. Gavan Classic saved Geki one year ago, with his first fight against Zan Vardo, and now. Gavan Classic beats up Geki for not being good enough. Itsuki's trapped in the Makuu castle just waiting for Don Horror to be revived, The two Gavan's fight some more, Brighton reveals his identity, More fighting, and Brighton is really Tooya. Tooya shows how he became Brighton. Geki mans up and Lizard Doubler blasts at the two Gavans. Geki fights Lizard Doubler and gets transported to the Makuu dimension. What Follows is the most Screwed up Sequence of events in all of toku. The two Gavans Fight some more foot soldiers in a mall chase, and there's one scene that'll have GekiSu shippers wetting their pants. The only thing that's missing is something like "No homo right? " "ALL THE HOMO!!!" Sorry, got that from Yugioh Abridged. Then blades come from the walls, with a spinning wheel from the other side. Gavans Classic and Type-G get away from that by going into one of the buildings, They get into a quarry, go into a black hole, into a train, and finally into another quarry. Brighton sets up a ever growing wormhole and The two Gavans henshin, JOCHAKU!!!!! We learn how fast Gavan henshins and how he does it. We see a fight scene with an updated version of the Gavan theme. Gavan has his spaceship turn into a dragon, and destroys some fighter jets in space. Gavan Type-G enters the Makuu Castle and Fights Witch Kiru and Zend Vardo, then he's later joined by Sharivan and Shaider when they henshin. Gavan goes to Brighton's room while The other two space sheriffs face the other villains. Geki tries to get Tooya back on the good side, but It leads to another fight scene. Gavan classic destroys Lizard Doubler, Geki henshins, and fights with Brighton more. Shaider and Sharivan destroy Zan Vardo and With Kiru respectively. Brighton puts a Skug mask on Itsuki to summon Don Horror (who's the real Main Villain of the movie). Brighton seems to have beaten Gavan, but in a complete reversal, Gavan slices the mask of Tooya, defeating Don Horror. Gavan Saves Tooya, and escapes the Makuu Castle. Tooya dies in Geki's arms, Geki reminisces about his times racing with Tooya at the track, and Retsu tells Geki that he's the new Gavan. The movie ends with Itsuki looking up to the skies and Gavan riding on his  motorcycle with the end credits.

Well that was such a pretty good story. It's very adult oriented, but My biggest problem with it is that it isn't open ended, something that could open up a series. They tried to put to much in the damn movie to work the way I want it to work.


Geki Jumonji/Gavan Type-G is kind of like Mirai from Ultraman Mebius. He's the badass who's willing to do anything to be like his predecessor Retsu Ichijouji/Gavan Classic.  Retsu came out of retirement to kick ass one more time, and is the role model for Geki. Itsuki Kawai's the girl, but the more interesting female goes to Shelly,  Not just because she has the better outfit, but she does more than damsel in distress, she even can defend herself. The other two space sheriff's were wasted in this film they were only in the film for less than 5 minutes, probably just in the film just for fanservice. Tooya Okuma/Brighton is the main villain until Don Horror comes in, He's a good example of good guy turned bad then good again. Sadly, He's the most interesting villain in this thing, the rest of the villains are just reduced to monster of the day roles, they had some interesting ideas, but not executed right, Hell Don Horror is just as interesting and resembles Parallax from the Green Lantern movie. At least there isn't a stupid kid in the movie.


While the costumes may be great, and The new Gavan theme is interesting, The special effects are AWFUL, Pretty much a norm for modern toku, It looks like a video game. The costumes are excellent, Incredibly detailed, and gritty. You could spawn a toyline out of these. Seriously why Haven't they made a  Gavan toyline other than a few Figuarts.


It's kind of a hard movie to get an opinion on, I wanted to really like this movie the way I did for Jetman, Garo, Kamen Rider Black, and B-Fighter, but for one reason or another, it just falls flat, They had potential for good movie, but just very flawed, Still I can kind of recommend it if you're really this hardcore, I Give this 3.25 Gavan helmets out of 4, good but flawed.

Next week, Iron Man.....

YE: Dance to the Gavan theme with me.


Next week, Iron Man 3.

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