Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hunger Games Review

No time for introduction, only late night review while watching Toonami (for most of the review).


So the main story is that this girl named Katniss Everdeen of District 12, enters a Competition with 23 other teenagers including the film's other protagonist Peeta Mellark. The competition I speak of is a sport like game a la Unreal Tournament. Each player fights to the death on a televised war for survival. A good portion of the film is spent with our two main heroes and their chemistry together (which I'll say is better than Twilight but not as good as Harry Potter). And that's just a portion of the story, the film's plot is all over the place. This film's plot has some boring parts in it which DRAAAAAAGGGGGG OOOOOOONNNNNN, but this is an otherwise good plot, if a little convoluted (partly because there were so many thing that were brought up, but took a backseat to the more important parts).


OK Katniss starts out as a total noob, then she develops throughout the film as a better and more compelling protagonist. Katniss is a much more sophisticated and more likable character than Bella was (although not as great as Harry Potter), plus she can actually defend herself (which is always a plus). Peeta serves as the heroine's love interest and sidekick. At least he doesn't stalk Katniss like certain other characters in fiction, must I even name names (if only they developed him more). You get some real feelings for them, since they're actual lovers, and not victim and stalker. They could serve as the dynamic duo of the series. Yes, this is goin' to be three movies.


The film's presentation is pretty hit or miss. The film's camera is a lil' to shaky, which might give some people motion sickness. But the film's lighting sets the tone of the film perfectly. While not as dark as the book (which I haven't read yet) it's still pretty derned mature for what it is. It's proly a more mature film than Harry Potter or certain franchises that I will touch on during the summertime.


While not as good as the early Harry Potter (which I liked for being simple and not concentrating too much on  the romance of the main characters) movies, it's still better than Twilight (which I have no intentions on seeing, also I'm goin' to talk about why I hate it during the summertime). This could really be the next big franchise film for the next few years even with it's flaws. At least it's fans aren't as obsessive as other franchises.

I give this 3 and a half mockingjay pins out of four.

Next week: Legend of Korra Review. See you then.

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