Sunday, April 29, 2012

The ACEN Experience?


Well I'm back from Acen and was it worth it?

Short answer: YES!!!!

Plz note that I'm kinda new to this goin' to conventions thing, so I'm not good at this. But I really liked Acen. I might have to spend more time at Acen next year because most of the time I spent at the vendor's room, and it was a doozy, but it was so damn good. I took some pictures of cosplayers, and bought some interesting items. But Here's a tip to make it better for next year for me and you...


Yeah, if you feel tired at any moment, bring any type of water with you, it helps because you are goin' to get tired constantly. You know you want to buy stuff but you don't want to spend it all on food (because the food might be overpriced. Which brings me to another tip....


No seriously I wanted to buy a Gundam model but the particular one i wanted was ONE HUNDRED BUCKS!!!!!! If you want to get something you really want bring a check list. If you really want that Master Grade Gundam or that GokaiOh, THEN DAMMIT, BUY IT!!!! Just have some kind of money with you.

I could go on with tips for Acen or any other convention for that matter, but GokuFievel said those tips best. Any way here's the 2 videos I was addressing.

Anyway here's some photos from the convention

And some of my hauls....

MAN, OH MAN WAS THIS BLOG SHORT!!!! Next week should be longer because next week is The Avengers.

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