Saturday, April 21, 2012

AVGN Movie: My thoughts

So yeah..... a couple of weeks ago I said this:

"Next week, either Toonami or my thoughts on the upcoming AVGN Movie."

Now is the time to explain my thoughts on the Upcoming AVGN Movie.

Before we begin let's get some things out of the way...

Who is AVGN?

    I'm glad you asked, Because a good percentage of you don't know or give a crap. But guess what, I'm gonna tell you anyway. So Angry Video Game Nerd (AKA James D. Rolfe), everyone's favorite Dirty mouthed, bitter, caustic critic, ranting, internet gamer. That's all you need to know, A gamer with Billy Mitchell's obsession, and Ozzy Osbourne's mouth. In 2010, He announced he was goin' to make full length AVGN movie, We all saw this comin'. If you've seen Cinemassacre 200, you knew this was going to happen.

Enough of dat, lez get into the main meat of the blog:

Just over a year later he made an Indiegogo campaign and here's where the drama begins. All this started because of a certain user (not mentioning names), said "AVGN ******* SUCKS!!!!!" Over a future project he's doin' and says "DON'T WATCH THE MOVIE!!!" Sure another user started the drama earlier, but didn't get as much negative buzz.

To the people who started it and their mindless drone fans who obeyed...




Films take a lot of money to make, Especially big budget holly wood films. Even low budget indie films take a good chunk of your money to make. The people who addressed this as e-begging don't see the HARD TRUTH!!!! TheHeroOfTomorrow Said it best, It's goin' to take a lot more than $185,000 or even how much he makes in a year to make the dod derned thing (not in those exact words though). For those of you who don't know, $185,000 is the estimated random number budget set up by some jerk at imdb. HE'S PROLY ONE OF THE SAME PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT WILL FERRELL WAS GOIN' TO BE PART OF THE MOVIE!!! Remember, imdb is almost as accurate as Wikipedia when it comes to upcoming movies. In other words, NO, IMDB DOESN'T KNOW ******* @#$! UPCOMING FILMS AFTER THE YEAR 2012!!!!

I could address the Nerd's fanboys, but that would make this section of the blog longer than I wanted it to be. So without further ado here's my thoughts on The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie:

Oh Derp, It's still to early to judge the AVGN movie due to the fact that there's hardly any info regarding it. It's goin' to be in the vein of Wayne's World, Which I can imagine also having influences by Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, I.E. have several pop culture references from the 80s and 90s. The Nerd's finally reviewing ET for the 2600. Personally this has the potential to be on par with Scott Pilgrim in terms of movies aimed at nostagia geeks. Think about it, it has elements of Wayne's World, Godzilla, Zombie films, and probably so much more. But it's probably not goin' to be in theaters, but rather film festivals, Then direct to DVD. I want to see it, to see how bigger and better the nerd really can be.

Well that was shorter than I wanted it to be. I know this was kind of short but I really don't know what to say say next *Shrugs*. So until next time take care and I will see you all in the near futuaduyisgadluysgasludgys........



So you might be wondering why that little Shenanigan happened. Well, Last night, D2Brigade (AKA ended it's short 3-year run as a ThatGuyWithTheGlasses style site. Most people into that stuff didn't notice it, Others didn't care, but Let's be honest, D2Brigade was the one of the only sites similar to Destructoid, ScrewAttack, and Blistered Thumbs that had Unbiased anime anime reviews similar to how they had mostly unbiased Video Game reviews, and a well balanced community similar to those sites. Is this a sign of things to come, I mean really, We've had Ed Gould deceased, Alvin EarthWorm calling it quits with Super Mario Bros. Z, Several Web Personalities calling it quits, NOW THIS!!!! Yep, We're Doomed. But do you want to hear something real Tragic as far as a geekdom and nerddom? After my Acen Blog.

I might do a blog on D2Brigade's death next month, but that's all I'm goin' to say for now, so take care, and I'll see you all in the near future. Peace.

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