Saturday, January 16, 2016

A. Yoshi Opinion Piece: Should Deadpool have a PG-13 cut?


NO! No it should not! Well thanks for reading, see ya...

OK, I'll elaborate. Earlier in the week, Beyond The Trailer's Grace Randolph made a petition to get 20th Century Fox to release a PG-13 cut of the soon to be released superhero movie Deadpool (based off the Marvel Comics character) along with the R-Rated cut. Using an emotionally manipulative sob story about some 8 year old who at the very highest by himself can only see a PG rated movie. NEWS FLASH Grace Randolph; Not every big movie is going to be rated PG-13 or below. It bugs me that you want what could be  a turning point for the entire genre to be neutered to let teenagers get in. Deadpool is a very violent, foul mouthed, sexual character, and if you can't accept that, you might as well say goodbye to having superheroes being taken seriously for another decade. Also by Randolph's own logic, the kid should be allowed to see Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Netflix, yeah where were you when that was happening? Huh? It bugs me that there's entitled idiots like you who think that it's still 2008 and superheroes were still stuck in the gotham city ghetto.

Now onto the kid's mom, if the kid wants to see it, take him, just make time before seeing it with him to watch it alone, take mental notes on what parts are not okay for your son to see, and make a big night out when you do see it with your son. It's not NC-17/X-Rated, you can see it with your kid, It's just that the kid can't see it by himself. I admit I haven't seen a single full R-Rated movie in my over 20 years of existence (shocking I know, unless you count GARO: Red Requiem, but that's not legally available here), but I don't need or want to see a pandering PG-13 version when I do see it. This film could show the genre has grown with it's audience who started watching in the 2000s, we could see grittier MCU material outside of the Netflix series.

Also, I absolutely love how much the petition is backfiring. People are calling Grace out on her Bulls**t, To all the people who signed this petition, You just wasted a moment of your life to make Fox spend extra money to release a pandering, neutered version of the film which could flip the tables of superhero movies. Fox isn't stupid (I hope), they aren't going to be cowards by caving into overly sensitive morons like you. It's ok to make Wolverine PG-13 Because Kids are the ones buying Wolverine merchandise. You could've signed a petition where you could solve hot button issues like Net Neutrality, but you chose to waste your life on petty BS like this, good, excellent even.

So Yeah, there's not much more I could say that is positive, I'm just shocked people can be this stupid, wasting their lives because of some lady who wanted to give a blowjob to some kid who wanted to see some movie that wasn't meant for him. #ThatAwkwardMomentWhenEntireReasonableWorldFacePalmed. F**K YOU Grace Randolph for making an unreasonable petition, and if you took time to sign this BULLS**T Petition, F**K YOU TOO!!!!!

Now I need to format the hard drive in my brain to forget all the stupid people on the internet...

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