Tuesday, January 12, 2016



Power Rangers Ninja Steel is going to be a thing (adapting Ninninger), Ummmmm..... Yay? I'll be honest, Ninninger's good adaption material (not as good as Go-Busters, but still), but There's things that made me facepalm so hard, that my head fell off my body. I get the feeling that this is sort of a tournament arc series, featuring fights broadcast over Intergalactic TV on a game show, but it's sci-fi in my fantasy. That's not always a bad thing, see the Early Saban Era stuff, but it sounds stupid here. This isn't even the worst part, That is  the fact that it's still airing on Nickelodeon. Saban, Did you see how badly they screwed you over these past few years, can't you move to Netflix just for more creative control, because the big Children's networks think of action shows the same way Rob Liefeld thinks of drawing feet. One good thing about this series is that it's directed by Chip Lynn, who if nothing else is a pretty good producer and writer nine times out of ten. I just hope and pray that they don't frak up the Jiraiya episode, or the Video Game episode. But I'm cautiously Optimistic for this series considering how well Dino Charge turned out, color me sort of hopeful, still not excited yet, but hopeful.

Only time will tell if this series'll be yet another orangutan turd, or a polished treasure, we'll find out in 2017. Oh yeah this'll be an anniversary season, so expect some tributes in Power Ranger Super Ninja Steel (or whatever they decide to call it)...

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