Monday, September 28, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon Crystal going into Extra Innings...


Sailor Moon's going into the Death Busters/Infinity arc... Confirmed on the official site, we'll be getting arc 3 in the Crystal edition of Sailor Moon. A date hasn't been announced, but if you want to know what to expect, read my Review of the S arc of Sailor Moon Original. It's essentially that, but this version'll be better... To some people. To others, they don't like Crystal. Whether you like this version of Sailor Moon or not, You can't deny that it introduced Sailor Moon to a whole new generation, especially in the US of A. These guys and gals will grow up finding everything Sailor Moon, and they'll grow up to become Z rate internet nobody g1 bloggers for Screwattack and other sites. Yeah, being hard on myself aside, I'm excited that Sailor Moon Crystal did well enough to do another arc or two, as much as I like how Zyuranger did in the US for my Personal favorite sentai series Dairanger. As for me doing end of arc recaps, I won't do end of arc recaps for all of it, but I MIGHT (Emphasis on that MIGHT) do updates on the series of it/when if it goes to the Dead Moon Circus and possibly the Shadow Galactica arc (and maybe a end of series recap whenever it finishes all 5 arcs to see how it fares to Sailor Moon Original), just because there's not much I can cover that hasn't been said in other blogs of mine, dig and search for said blogs...

Estimates say next month will be the end of me since it's yet another toku month on

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