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Ginga Tensei, Ole! Seijuu Sentai Gingaman + Choriki Sentai Ohranger Review

Timeline 1:

I'll be honest, I like Super Sentai better than Kamen Rider, at least before Gaoranger came about. Is it because the pre-2000 Sentais were Darker and Edgier? Was it because they dealt with heavier themes? Whatever it is, sentai series in the mid 80s up until 2000, showed how good toku storytelling can be. MillionFold Curiosity finished subbing 2 series, Since I have only time to review one of them, and whatever I review will Impact how the events and how I feel today, Let's talk about StarBeast Task Force Gingaman...

Timeline 2:

I'll be honest, I like Super Sentai better than Kamen Rider, at least before Gaoranger came about. Is it because the pre-2000 Sentais were Darker and Edgier? Was it because they dealt with heavier themes? Whatever it is, sentai series in the mid 80s up until 2000, showed how good toku storytelling can be. MillionFold Curiosity finished subbing 2 series, Since I have only time to review one of them, and whatever I review will Impact how the events and how I feel today, Let's talk about Cho-Riki Squad Ohranger...

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Timeline 1:

So 5 warriors are chosen as the 132nd successors to the Seijuuken Warriors. When Balban invades earth after 3000 years of plotting and waiting, an earthquake takes Hyuuga (the original leader of the warriors), and Ryouma takes the title from him. Ryouma awakens the Ginga Braces with Earth Power, and Balban spends 4/5 of the entire series trying to awaken Daitanix., in that time the Gingamen get new weapons like transforming Daggers, rods that turn into bazookas, and a new mode known as Beast Armor Shine. They also get a new member in BullBlack/Manga Defender, He starts out like Ninjaman/Ninjor, but he gets a human host in Hyuuga complete with his own tramnsforming rifle/sword. The Gingamen are not alone in this fight, they have their Starbeasts that transform into Metal versions of themselves known as silver starbeasts and combine into Gingaioh/Galaxy Megazord. there's also the heavy starbeast BullTaurus/Torozord which transforms into a giant robot, and there's the lost Steel Starbeasts GigaRhinos/Centarus Megazord, GigaPhoenix/Stratoforce Megazord and they're carrier mech GigaBitus/Zenith Carrierzord. The series starts to come to a close on episode 44. When Daitanix is defeated, and they start to awaken the Earthbeast. They try and fail for a few episodes then Biznella Kidnaps Hikaru/Ginga Yellow/Yellow Galaxy Ranger (who's male in this series), he later escapes, and throws Biznella in a pool of acid.  It mutates him, but he's no match for the Gingaman's upgraded Beast Rods. He grows, but loses again. The very next episode Moak is dying due to all the pollution and corruption on the earth. Balban sends down a monster. and once that is defeated, Moak turns into a seed. The Episode after that, Shelinda and Battobas, meet their end but the Earthbeast is awakened despite the Gingamen's attempts to stop it. The Gingamen summon their mechs and defeat the monster, but Zahab survives. They get their asses handed them at first, but after the Gingaman Get Power Song and the instrumental Theme Song plays one last time, they own Zahab powered to the Gingaman theme. The Ginga Forest returns to the earth and everyone celebrates ending the series...

It's a pretty good story, but not exactly memorable. Still, it's cute, much like most fairy tales aimed at this age range. I think Zyuranger is a more memorable Fairy tale than Gingaman, even if it still wasn't the best...

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Timeline 2:

So invaders from the moon attack Earth in the year 1999, they're the Machine Empire Baranoia. they were formed when Bacchushund Turned on the citizens of Pangaea millions of years ago. Chief Counselor of UAOH Miura built A pyramid like structure to gather Cho-Riki power. He gets 5 of his UAOH Members to use it to form the Ohrangers, who armed to the teeth, superpowers, Martial Arts, Guns, blades, weapons of choice for each of the 5 members. and later a hamster wheel that makes no sense, and a Ole Bazooka. It wouldn't be a sentai series without Mechs, and they have plenty to go around, With Mechs like the Ohranger Robo/Zeo Megazord, Red Puncher/Red Battlezord, King Pyramider/Pyramidas, OhBlocker/Super Zeo Megazord, and Tackle Boy/Warrior Wheel, No wonder it's Toys sold well despite it's series not doing as hot. There was also a sixth ranger named Riki/KingRanger/Gold Zeo Ranger, Who defeated Baranoia 600 million years ago. He has Pyramidas, and a whole harem of child like girls (OH IT'S OK, HE'S CHILD LIKE AND ALL OF THEM INCLUDING HIM ARE PROBABLY MILLIONS OF YEARS OLD) on his planet, and his own staff that shoots energy balls and can transform into melee or projectile mode. The Series starts to come to a close with episode 45. A new monster controls electronics and eventually the 2 of the Ohrangers mechs when the monster grows. Baranoia steals them, and the Ohrangers can't henshin. To add insult to injury, they lose their UAOH base. They face Baranoia untransformed, and go as far as use King Pyramider, But the monster is destroyed with the last of the UAOH's Cho-Riki Power. Dorin dies and tells the Ohrangers to go to the Choriki World. They meet more Dorin's and get more Cho-Riki power, but by then, the damage is done, Barnoia took over earth. However they transform and do battle with them. The final battle against Buldont and Multiwa happens in episode 48. they grow without Acha and Kocha. The mechs come in and the other 2 that were caught return to Ohranger thanks to Miura and KingRanger.the 2 Baranoia rulers are destroyed, Hysteria (Baranoia's former queen) dies to keep her grandson safe, Acha, Kocha, and Gunmazin take care of the baby after his family died, and the Ohrangers go on with their lives ending the series.

The story is damned good. It's a more epic story than Zeo, and you can access this without knowing a thing about prior series. It's got humor, drama and action, it'll keep you at the edge of your seat.

Fast Fact:

Ohranger was released weeks before the terrorist bombings on Japanese subways in 1995, Causing it's lack of success. I've got nothing else to say about that...

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Timeline 1:

The Gingamen have some interesting characters... Gouki/Ginga Blue/Blue Galaxy Ranger has this running subplot of his love with a teacher. Ryouma/Ginga Red/Red Galaxy Ranger has his plot of wanting to save his brother. Hayate/Ginga Green/Green Galaxy Ranger has his love of Miharu (who he's engaged to) and his rivalry of Shelinda. Bull black has a good backstory, and Hyuuga has a late in the series subplot of his alliance with Bucrates who gives him a new weapon to challenge Zahab. Hikaru and Saya/Ginga Pink/Pink Galaxy Ranger are Okay, but nothing really stands out about them, You can see family is  running theme to the heroes, even the allies, Kind of foreshadowing the next Sentai GoGoFive/Lightspeed Rescue. Zahab/Captain Mutiny isn't one of Sentai's best final Villains, since he's just an evil pirate, but Shelinda has her rivalry with Hayate, which gets you excited every time you see it. Bucrates/Kegler is an interesting traitor type Character during the last quarter of Gingaman. Biznella/Deviot is a cold calculating villain similar to Giraill/Darkonda from Megaranger/In Space. The rest of the villains are just monster deployers, that's it.

I feel like my day's going to change, Just Dunno How?

Timeline 2:

The Ohrangers, Other than type of combat they use, aren't really that interesting, Their All one dimensional Millitary Machismo, but they have elements of the Gorengers, That makes them good, Right? Right? Anyway, Miura's interesting mainly for the fact that he's played by same guy who played Aoranger, Big Five, Zubat in Kaiketsu Zubat, and Kamen Rider V3, but he's got not much there there... Riki/KingRanger, has a heroic Backstory, and has a cool shield on his chest, and is the oldest sentai ranger in history, despite looking like a kid. The Villains are much more interesting since they've got an element of family and descendants. Bacchushund/King Mondo Is the original ruler, but he's taken over by Bomber The Great/Louie Kaboom, then Buldont/Prince Sprocket/Prince Gasket grows, marries Multiwa/Princess Archerina, has a kid, Hysteria/Machina grows old, and Acha and Kocha/Klank and Orbus take care of the kid. Gunmazin/Auric the Conqueror Is the Ninjaman of the Series. He grows and can join the Ohrangers in a fight.

I feel like my day's going to change, Just Dunno How?


Timeline 1:

The Starbeasts are excelently designed because their practical effects. The series has a great background song used for Gaoranger VS Super Sentai, and both the Japanese and english versions of the opening and closing songs are a catchy. I can't think of much more to add to this section...

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Timeline 2:

There's plenty of toys... Er, I mean arsenal to go around, you've got mechs, weapons, vehicles, this series was meant to S**T Out Toys. It has a great sountrack, Special mention goes to Nijiiro Crystal Sky. It has an excellent dark tone to begin with, then it shifts towards goofy, and then abck to the dark tone gradually.  The Ending still gets to me, I've never felt so sympathized for a Sentai villain since Liveman...

*Aliens head to earth, and send in a whole force of them*


Timeline 1:

It's good, it's not great, just not much stands out to me for this series, but It's still worth a watch to judge for yourself, however I liked Lost Galaxy more... I give this 3 Seijuukens out of 4.

Look forward to Gingaman VS Megaranger in the coming months... see ya...

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Timeline 2:

It's a damned good series for any sentai fan especially for the franchises 20th anniversary in 1995. It a pretty epic series that's worth a watch. I Give this 3.25 Cho-Riki Pyramids out of 4. Jury's out on if it's better than Zeo Though...

Look forward to Ole VS Kakuranger and The Ohranger Movie in the coming mont... Help!!!!!

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