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Golden Knight Dies in the End. Garo: Makai Senki Review

Leafman: Oh... Just getting you ready for your beheading by DARK LINK!!!!!

He's still stuck on YOUR private island, and we're paying our billions of tax dollars just to save them, also my name is JONAH LEAFMAN!!!!!

CD-i Link: Geeee, it sure is.... boring around hereeeeeeeee.......

Anonymous Yoshi: My mistake, That's CD-i Link!!!!!!! AS A ZOMBIE!!!!!! WITH A BUTCHER'S KNIFE AS A HAND!!!!!!

Leafman: That's because don't want you to blog, under section C, Subsection 6, Amendment V, You're not allowed to blog under our eyesight, Considering we're planning to put security cams in every street corner, YOU'RE SO FU....

Radio Voice: Good Evening SimCity... We're planning a city sponsored Half-Halloween Party, with games food, and lot's of costumes, Tickets for this party are... Sorry, SOLD OUT!!!!! So if you didn't get your tix in time, oh well, sucks to be you.

Leafman: *Voice distorts* So you think you can defeat me and my monsters? Haha.... Think again dips*** , Time to send you to hell, where you belong for I AM MEWTWO!!!!!!!!  TIME FOR A PSYSTRI....

Bone comes in from 6:00....

???: STOP!!!!!!

Mewtwo: Who the HELL are you?

AY: That voice sounds familiar, It's...


Mewtwo: Time to end this... METALMORPH!!!!!

AY: I Can't believe this, it's...

Yoshiette 1 Ghost: Metal Mewtwo, Freaking Badass!!!!!

AY: Did you see that, Yoshiette came back from the the dead too...

PK Chu: Where's Yoshiette? You said you saw her.

YE1G: I'm here you moron!!!!

PKC: DAMMIT YOSHI!!!!! You said you saw her.

AY: I swear, She's next to me.

PKC: AS IF!!!!!! Me thinks you're ****ING CRAZY!!!!!

Meanwhile, Thousands of miles away.

Croque: I get the sense someone stole my catchphrase, As If.

Whitney: Stop being so paranoid, I think you're getting crazy. How could you have extradential Frog Senses?

AY: Let me throw my pokeballs at this thing!!!!


One Dusk Ball goes right through the ghost Marowak and the other get's knocked away by Mewtwo.

Marowak: Let the Adults handle this...

Anonymous Yoshi Blog Tape #7893426893426349Z.

Garo is undoubtedly one of the best toku in recent memory if not the best of all time. Gritty, dark, bloody, violent, and had an interesting story to boot. With Action and drama, the original Garo is hard to top, but could it's sequel do better? EVEN AFTER ALL IT'S AVERAGE AT BEST SPINOFFS?


Thsi is a more recent tokusatsu so you're pretty much on your own if you want greater story details. Anyway following the events of the original Garo, Kouga is still slaying horrors, and he get's a tattoo that makes him only live for a while longer. This was given to him by Sigma Fudo, A cloaked man who wants to revive the great horror Ganon. He happens's to be the brother of another Makai Priest Leo. Who later becomes a Makai Knight named Lord. There's also another new Makai Knight known as Baron, and any story details beyond that are really kind of sort of... Yeah, I already spoiled Kamen Rider Wizard last year. So outside of My Toku Rubbish Roundups, NO SPOILERS FOR REALLY RECENT TOKU SERIES!!!!! LIKE THE PAST 5 YEARS!!!!! (YES MOVIES MAY OR MAY NOT BE EXEMPTED FROM THIS)


Returning Characters include Garo, Zero, Karou, Jabi, and Dan. They go through more arcs, maybe except for Dan because he only appears in 3 or 4 episodes, I kind of wanted more character development from him. But new Characters we get include... Baron/Wataru Shijima is the teacher from when Kouga was a Makai Knight in training. He briefly turns evil but quickly get's back to his senses. He's kind of a grump, but joins the fight towards the end. Lord/Leo Fudo is a Makai Priest who wanst to become a Makai Knight. He's has some interesting story and is the focus for most of the series, next to Garo, I'm surprised he isn't the main character of the series. Sigma Fudo is the brother of Leo Fudo and the main antagonist of the series. Sure he feels like a more mature villain than Kiba was, and he has better backstory than he had, remember Kiba needed a V-Cinema to explain his backstory.


For the record, the series does go bigger with pretty much everything, the monsters, more boobs, bigger fights, it's darker, grittier, bloodier, and this is a better series than the original was as far as the scale goes. The theme is much more epic than the original. But the theme from the original is catchier. This is a good series but...


Well that's a tough question, for one thing there's things that Garo Classic does better, and there's thing that Makai Senki does better, still the objectively better series has to go to honestly Makai Senki. It's a darker, deeper, bigger series than the original Garo was. I give this, 4 Horror hands out of 4.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

A wild Mewtwo appeared.

Marowak used Sandstorm.

Mewtwo used Psystrike!!!!!

The Sandstorm rages on.

Mewtwo got hit by the sandstorm

Marowak is down to 3 HP.

Marowak used Swords Dance.

Marowak's attack rose sharply.

Mewtwo used Thunderbolt.

It doesn't affect Marowak.


The Sandstorm rages on.

Mewtwo Got hit by the sandstorm.

Mewtwo used Barrier.

Mewtwo's defense rose sharply.

Marowak used Earthquake.


The Sandstorm rages on.

Mewtwo Got hit by the sandstorm.

Mewtwo used Amnesia.

Mewtwo's Special Defense rose sharply.

Marowak used Bone Rush.

It Hit 5 times.

Mewtwo Lost 75 HP.

Mewtwo Endured the hit using a Focus Band.

The Sandstorm rages on.

Mewtwo Got hit by the sandstorm.

Mewtwo fainted.

AY: Where are we?

PKC: We're at a port at the east coast.

AY: Not going to ask for an explaination. YO USA SMELL YA LATER!!!!!

To Be Continued...

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