Saturday, April 5, 2014

My quick thoughts on Captain America: The Winter Soldier

*Insert clever intro here*

So Captain America 2 is better than it's prequel, It just keeps getting better with each new marvel movie. To steal a joke from MovieBob (kind of), As you can tell each new marvel movie is a risk, Can enough people care about Iron Man to make lot's of money? Have enough people forgot about Hulk 1? Is Thor too weird to make money? Is Captain America too patriotic and dense to work? Can The Avengers work? Captain America 2 is not quite as good as Avengers, but You'd have to have some real balls to be better than Avengers. So onto the movie, It's basically like a Spy Thriller, probably one of the best movies in that genre. The original Captain America was kind of goofy and kiddy, While this, Despite having that trademark Marvel wit, is a darker, grittier, and more action packed than it's predecessor. The story is that SHIELD is under control by HYDRA, and their main weapon is the Winter Soldier, an armed mercenary who's identity is a secret. Returning veterans include Captain America, Black Widow, and Nick Fury. The Falcon makes his debut as basically Iron Man with Hawkman's powers. The action is the best in any Marvel movie yet, Fast paced, concentrating on guns, hand to hand, and other weapons rather than magic hammers, powered armor, and other goofy weapons and methods of combat. Not to mention it has some big reveals which I won't spoil for you. So this might be the best Stand alone Marvel movie ever, the only thing holding it back is the slow parts here and there, Still this gets 3.75 Captain America Shields out of 4, but it's a rather high 3.75. If you haven't seen it yet, see it.

And now back to the storyline... after this.

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