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Viewer Beware... You're in for a Scare... Goosebumps: Attack of the Mutant Review


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Rolling Anonymous Yoshi Blog Tape #564e+64765765:

I was never a big reader of the Goosebumps books (pretty much because I never really read them), but I did watch the TV Series, On Netflix, Because I'm some kind of overgrown child, but who cares, so for the first part of my halfway to Halloween Special, I;m doing a review of a Goosebumps episode. What episode you may ask? ATTACK OF THE MUTANT!!!!!!!!!!



So the first part begins with the intro as always. Evil Dog Barking FTW!!!!! VIEWER BEWARE, YOU'RE IN FOR A SCARE (That is if you consider Wooden acting, and and costumes a scare)!!!!! The actual episode begins with a comic, SOMEONE CALL LINKARA!!!!! We open on this Kid named Skipper reading comics instead of doing homework, and he get's into an argument with his parents. The next day at school, Skipper shows his comics to his friends. Someone is watching skipper and it looks strangely familiar. Skipper was talking to a girl named Libby who likes girl comics. When Skipper exits the bus there's an ironic advertisement for Goosebumps, The Masked Mutants Headquarters, and the CN Tower to remind us that this does indeed take place in Canada. Skipper and his friend Wilson talk about seeing the headquarters. He goes back to the HQ of the masked Mutant the next day, and and it's invisible. He later finds out it's invisible. Libby comes across Skipper and she says the title. They go across the invisibility curtain and go into the 50s style Headquarters of the Masked Muatnt. We get some obvious greenscreen. They go into the elevator, and go down into a basement even though they wanted the top floor.The duo tries to get out of the Headquarters, but to no prevail. Skipper tries to find his way around but ends up finding a bunch of sketches of him and the masked mutant. The Masked Mutant catches up to Skipper and ends Part 1. Part two begins with an intro and recap of the previous episode. Turns out that was just a cardboard cutout of the titular supervillain. The duo escapes, Skipper has dinner with his family and the next day he talks with his friend. Skipper seems to have Comic Book Vision. In his latest comic book, he sees himself in it. The kid tries to tell his parents, but he can't convince them. Skipper goes into the Mutant's Heaquarters late at night and finds the Galloping Gazelle (played by Adam West). Skipper unties the Galloping Gazelle and follows him to the control room. Galloping Gazelle sits on a chair that happens to be the Masked Mutant. Adam West escapes, but Skipper has to face off against the Masked Mutant himself. When Skipper tries to escape, he bumps into Libby, Who really is the Masked Mutant. The climax Happens where Skipper tells the Mutant that he's really Elastic Boy. Skipper tells him that he's weak to acid, but that kills the Mutant, and he'll probably come back knowing comic book heroes and villains. Skipper's Mom finds out that he has ink on his hand and then he turns into Elastic Boy, and watches TV, ending the episode.

This was an interesting story, It has elements of pulp sci-fi, comics, and 50s horror. Yet it looks kind of goofy, but I'll get to that when we talk presentation.


Skipper's kind of an annoying kid, but let's face it, half of the Goosebumps stories reason's to exist are just to put kids and their friends in surreal situations that resemble PG rated horror stories. I really like the Masked Mutant as a character, He's so cheesy, hammy, and threatening at the same time. To steal a line from Linkara (sort of), His costume looks like some kind of luchador who didn't use the proper material for his mask (it looks plastic), and the rest of his costume looks goofy, but still good character.


It's real goofy, bad effects, wooden acting, it feels like a bad pulp sci-fi movie from the 50s. That's basically how I feel about it all, but it seems to work as such. That's all I have to say on it, It's a watered down version of a 50s science fiction horror movie.


It's a good episode, It's not high art, but I don't expect it to be, it's just a decent fun little episode of some kind of children's horror anthology show. I give this 2.75 Masked Mutant Comic Books out of 4.

Now back to the story...

Leafman: *Voice distorts* So you think you can defeat me and my monsters? Haha.... Think again dips*** , Time to send you to hell, where you belong for I AM MEWTWO!!!!!!!!  TIME FOR A PSYSTRI....

Bone comes in from 6:00....

To Be Continued....

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