Friday, September 20, 2013

Heroes of the Next Console War

So the new Syfy (AKA Wrestling Channel) reality series Heroes of Cosplay came and went, and already it's instated controversy, split opinions, and just plain bogusery. You know what else is in the news? GTA 5 (which I don't care for). You know what else else people are talking about in nerd culture? The next console war. Since both topics are too big for a R.Cubed, I'm going to do another two for one blog. So Let's get into action, shall we?

First of Heroes of Cosplay, I've already said my piece on this just a day ago, so here's the link. But I learned more about this so let's do this. I've never seen the show so I'm pretty much judging the book by it's cover. Let me put it this way, A show showing off and interviewing great cosplayers is what the show should have been, but it's more about taking people to various conventions to compete in cosplay contests, which is already a good enough idea to make innocent people into egotistical, Self centered jerks with an "I'm better than you." attitude. But this makes average cosplayers look like contest whores (sorry for my language, but I couldn't think of a better term). It's one thing to do that to nerds with TBS's King of the Nerds (since nerds were already stereotyped for decades even up to that point), but to do that for people who put their life and soul to spending thousands of dollars on making the best cosplays just for fun who've never had to deal with asshole nation up to that point, as someone who likes kawaii cosplayers and has a blog dedicated to such things, I'm in a loss of words. I'm speechless, flabbergasted even, that this is even acceptable.

Another thing that bothers me about this whole thing is the casts (both the Hosts and contestants) Egos, Basically if they think your cosplay is not up tho their standards their all like "Oh well, Sucks to be you." There's no just good cosplay, just great and awful cosplays to them. If your cosplay is not terribly detailed and like the character it's supposed to represent, then your cosplay is awful, I've seen a pic of a Yoko Littner cosplay at Anime Expo (if anyone knows the name of her, Please tell me) on the internet who used appeared a flame painted bra and black panties instead of a painted bikini top and black short shorts. If they saw that, They'd think, Yeah, You're not worthy of being a good cosplayer. I could talk about stuff I already said in my previous say on the topic but I'll give you a TL;DR summary of what I said...


So Let's forget all this drama and talk about, Console War VIII. So Let's give all the major consoles out or coming out A paragraph on what I think of them, how they can man up to face each other, and an overall grade.

Nintendo 3DS: OK, This is doing just fine, with more games than the PSVita, a bunch of creative muscle, and the best install base of the two portables on the market, relying on the people who stood with the Gameboy line and later the DS. But there are flaws, region lock, and the FREAKING 2DS, ARE YOU FALKNERING CRAZY!!!! The only thing I can tell them at the moment is Keep up the good work, and remove region lock on the 3DS someday, PLEASE!!!!! I give the 3DS an B+.

Sony Playstation Vita: This console Desperately needs a killer app, Just puzzle games, console ports, and japanese centric games aren't going to do it. It's getting OWNED By the 3DS, if it wants to stand a chance against the 3DS, It has to get some games that people want, like original games that take advantage of the systems capabilities without being too gimmicky, Sales are better in Japan, but US is just as important of a market as japan is. quit it with the JRPGs and Dating Sims, and have some DIVERSITY! I give the PSVita a C-.

Nintendo Wii U: This has been failing to meet expectations from Day 1, Not because it's less powerful than the XBone and PS4, but Because it's got no games other than Mario right now. You can only rely on Mario so much before you need help by his friends like Link, Samus, Kirby, and Pikachu. Point is The Wii U Also Desperately needs software, Get a new western developer to revive something classic we've haven't seen in a while, much like Rareware and Donkey Kong in the 90s, Retro and Metroid in the 2000s, Maybe get them to develop a new F-Zero or Earthbound game. It'll make up for the lack of 3rd party support, Speaking of... Convince more 3rd parties to make games for your console, make an exclusive peripheral, that isn't just another gimmick. Still Smash Bros and Mario Kart can be system sellers. I give the Wii U a solid C.

Sony Playstation 4: This has the most promising chance of being successful. It's got a huge install base, plenty of potential AAA games, It's pretty much the good version of the XBone. They pretty much market this thing to succeed. Sadly, This is the only console that made a good first impression on people. That's all I can say right now. So let's wait until the 15th of November. I give the PS4 a solid A.

XBOX One: Yeah This killed itself before it was even released to stuff we already know, Always online, Required Kinect that spies on you, Used Games restrictions, and region lock. It doesn't even have that much games that are not available on PC, PS4, Wii U, or Past gen Consoles. It really needs to convince people it's changed if it wants any chance to succeed. The launch is on the 22nd, So Let's see if it can redeem it's self. I give the XBone a D+.

Anyone else: The PC, Ouya, Game Stick, iPhone, and Android aren't exactly in the same market, so they're barely worth mentioning. But this should be an interesting console war. Can the Wii U still succeed? Can the 3DS fall from it's top spot? Can the XBone turn itself around? Can the PSVita stand a decent chance against the 3DS? Can the PS4 stay on top? All this and more in...


Episode VII
The Last Stand

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