Saturday, September 28, 2013

SUIT UP!!!!! Iron Man 3 Review (FINALLY)

So how many of you seen Iron Man 3?

$1,214,713,994 worldwide gross.

So probably a whole bunch of you, not to mention how much these DVDs have sold. So this review seems rhetorical, but I really wanted to review this movie as soon as possible. I slept through my first showing of Iron Man 3, but Now it's time to tell you is this good or bad? Which side of the critics is right? Is this better than Iron Man 2? Find out Today.


Let's talk about this as much as I can without spoiling Too much of the Story Yet. So Pepper Potts is angry that Tony Stark is spending too much time building Iron Man suits, And this man known as the Mandrain, is bombing several sites around the united states, such as TCL Chinese Theater. War Machine Is reworked into the Iron Patriot to find him. Tony Satrk spends most of the movie in an Identity Crisis, and not as Iron Man. He also spends most of the movie trying to find the Mandrain, but there's a reveal I will get into later so don't sweat it. This is a real interesting story, in a good way, with post 9-11 violence and terrorism done right, Unlike Man of Steel. But Tony Stark rarely appears as Iron Man, it plays like a mystery movie with some superhero action. Still, It's better than Iron Man 2, Which was just weird.


Iron Man/Tony Stark Is kind of like Bruce Wayne with a power suit, still I can't get over the fact that he rarely appears as Iron Man, then again He still has the one liners and badassery that made him great. Pepper Potts is the girl who has the conflict where She's pissed at Tony for spending too much time as Iron Man, Which makes for some great story ideas. Iron Patriot/Jim Rhodes is just a minor character, kind of a shame because that suit's too badass to go to waste. The Mandrain, Instead of being the super powered Chinese emperor that he was in the comics, is kind of a good combination of various terrorists, and his comic book counter part, still this'll lead up to a twist that I'll discuss soon.


Since Tony Stark is rarely Iron Man in this film, This isn't as special effects heavy as, say Iron Man 1, But when there are special effects, They're excellent. Great Explosions, Great Scale, Still this doesn't feel like a 100% Superhero flick, but still it looks great and sounds great. Even then I wonder how they're going to work with Iron Man in Avengers 2 with the ending, Which I won't spoil for you.



So the Mandrain is too racist of a character to work in a film that's not trying to be Too racist, which makes it understandable (even though i'm not a terribly big fan of this change in crtain respects) that he was Changed. Now he doesn't have super powers but he's really an actor named Trevor Slattery to warn of the real big bad named Aldrich Killian. There's some thing else in the film which I'm not going to spoil for you at the end of the film relating to Aldrich Which May or May Not be in Avengers 2.


While not as good as Iron Man 1, It's still better than Iron Man 2, Go buy the DVD Now, I don't care if you haven't picked a side yet because you haven't seen it, Go, G-Go. I Give this 3.25 Iron Man helmets Out of 4.

Anonymous Yoshi: Apparently someone's at the door.

Yoshiette 1: Oooooo Boy, My Kids I adopted are here!!!!

AY: 1 Question, Why did you Adopt Kids?

YE1: To start our new life together.

AY: Welcome friends.

Koopy Troopy: Howdy, Howdy, Howdy. I'm Koopy Troopy!!!!

Waddle Dee: I'm.... well.... a Waddle Dee.

Psyduck: Psy?

Cucco Girl: I'm The Cucco Girl from Ocarina of Time, My real name is...

*Dump truck dumping trash*

But Everyone calls me the Cucco girl.

AY: now for some rules, don't touch anything, don't do anything, just do what the two Yoshiette's tell you to do, and... Cucco Girl, Where's your Cucco?

Cucco Girl: I can't catch that cucco!!!!

Yoshiette 2: We have enough pets in this house as it is, so I'll BLAST IT TO HELL!!!! BAM BAM BAM!!!!


Cucco Girl: Now you've done it.

So this blog ends with 10s of 100s of Cuccos attacking the Anonymous Yoshi Spaceship. See you next time.


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