Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Random Rubbish Roundup #5: Ultraman Ginga Blasting Beams Across the Galaxy, Google's new Android-based Console, Akira Toriyama's back in action, Comic Book Movie news

So lack of updates again, eh? And no, Not all of it's what you think it is unlike the last two times. For those who are wondering what the whole story is, I'll explain it as soon as I'm comfortable telling you. Most of what the lack of updates thing is now is that I've been trying to plan the 100th blog which will be revealed after the next storyline for my blog. Also I kind of wanted to see Pacific Rim last weekend, but S*** Happened and Wasn't able to, but Expect a review of Pacific Rim soon and a review of Kamen Rider ZO this weekend to follow, anyway onto our Topics...


So the first episode of Ultraman Ginga came and went. And it's almost like Gokaiger (which I still have to finish), with the collectible figures that turn Hikaru into different Ultramen, much like how the Ranger Keys in Gokaiger turn the team into different Rangers. He can also turn into Past Kaiju that The Ultramen faced. The big bad turns people into Kaiju using a similar device to what the main hero uses. I like the design of Ultraman Ginga, with the blue all over the chest and head. It feels like Gokaiger, but not like a full on rip off, I give this 3 Ultraman Taro figures out of 4.


Report has it that Google is developing a Game console powered my the Android OS. So yeah... There's no way that consoles like the Ouya, and Google's new console are going to succeed since The market for Android devices has became so convoluted that any one can do it. That's because the Android OS isn't Proprietary, so it can me on Phones, tablets, game consoles, Maybe even Computers, and Blu-Ray/DVD players as well. So the android gaming market has potential, since 1) Anyone with programming Experience can make games and apps for said Consoles, 2) anyone can put it on any device, 3) there's potential for big name games for actual gamers for less than the average current gen game. But the problem is the market is so convoluted that there can't possibly no particular big name device. Apple's iOS is proprietary, sure, but they have more potential in the gaming console (NO THE iPHONE AND IPAD DON'T COUNT!!!!) market since there aren't a billion clones of their systems.


So Shonen Jump in japan just celebrated it's 45th anniversary, and Akira Toriyama just released his (hopefully) next big name Manga title, and there's no way it can compete with Naruto and One Piece in Japan, But it Might be able to compete with Toriko (seriously Toriko needs more love over here), since it just overthrew Bleach as the 3rd biggest Shonen Jump manga in japan, that is if it's lucky. Yep, It's going to be in the line of simple stories by Akira Toriyama like Sand Land, Kaijika, and Cowa! (OH LOOK THOSE UP, I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT NOW!!!), but It could last more than a few months *Shrugs*. That's all I have to say on the topic.


This'll concentrate on two Comic book movies in Particular, since the'll probably get the most media coverage at San Diego Comic-Con, The Amazing Spider Man 2, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Well what we know about Spiderman is that Mary Jane won't be in the film, but the Rhino and Electro will, The Rhino will be played by Paul Giamatti, and Electro will be played by Jamie Foxx, "Yeah, all little slow to the party, dontcha think?" You're about to write, but I told you what we know about what we already know about the movie. Well It appears that Norman Osborne will be in the movie, and It will probably take place during Peter and Gwen's gradutation since the'll be in graduation gear in this movie. Let's talk about the new X-Men movie, Knowing what we're in for, It's back to the X-Men's Black Jumpsuits, still I knew of someone who looked good in a black jumpsuit, Just don't remember who... Ah well, The answer will come to me sooner or later. But Really, Does X-Men 3 need a sequel? But this one's based on the X-Men Story Days of Future Past, And It'll have A variety of Characters, But It's probably just another attempt to make X-Men cool to mentally challenged white 14 year-olds who pull down their jeans exposing their boxers, worshiping BET, and slurping out the N-word at people. Not to say the film will be bad, But I'm Worried It'll just be too similar to the first 4 X-Men movies.

Well that's it, Next time...


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