Thursday, July 18, 2013

GO BIG OR GO EXTINCT!!!! Pacific Rim Review

Well damn, Both the Yoshiette's went on a trip to San Diego Comic-Con and I wasn't invited. Also PK Chu, he...

PK Chu: Well, I'm headin' to SDCC, You be a good boy.

Anonymous Yoshi: But you got tickets for two...

PKC: The other ticket's for my motorbike. YO SIMCITY, SMELL YA LATER!!!!! I'M OFF TO SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON BITCHES!!!!!

AY: What Pikachu has a Motorcycle?

Well anyway onto the intro... Short version: Pacific Rim is one of the best films of the year, easily one of the better films of the year, High A, Go see it, It needs more attention. If you like Power Rangers or Godzilla, go see it. Long version: well, since you asked nicely, Here you go...


Well the basic story goes something like this, Kaiju (or Monsters) appear from the lowest points of the earth and attack People and cities, The military builds Giant Robots known as Jaegers to combat them, they develop through out the first part of the film, They have better weapons and can be piloted by 2 people. One of the pilots of the robots get's killed by one of the kaiju, the younger brother of the pilot, Raleigh, teams up with a lady character, Mako, and Get over family losses, and fight Kaiju together. There's more to this film that giant robots, and giant monsters, there's Martial arts, a deep story, Humor, and drama. It feels like a more mature version of Power Rangers, just without all the superficial trappings that the Transformers, and GI Joe movies have. It's more than spectacle, it's more than just a fun movie, it's a deep, involved movie that you'll be surprised by.


Raleigh Becket is our hero, much like a military badass all star. He's haunted by the death of his brother, Yancy (who we don't know much about). He's teamed up with the Girl Pilot, Mako Mori, Who might be the hottest toku babe since Luka from Gokaiger (WHICH I STILL HAVE TO FINISH, AND I CAN'T UNTIL I CATCH UP WITH ALL THE TOKU I DO WANT TO WATCH!!!!!). Seriously this lady has highlights similar to another girl I used to have a crush on, who I think is Sailor Venus... No.... Venus Lady.... No... Maybe it'll come to me someday. They get into many events together like two soldiers in a war. Stacker Pentecost is the mentor figure. He thinks that Raleigh and Mako aren't worthy to pilot a Jaeger together but during the end...


So This movie has great characters, with their own personal conflicts, and that's not all the characters, those are just the main ones.


The effects are such big in scale, but it feels more than just another over budgeted film that concentrates on the special effects. This feels like a live action version of Gundam or Evangellion. When A giant robot film comes out, they take the story for granted just so they can make good robots and kaiju look cool (at least in theory), but here the robots look cool, so do the Kaiju, and the story is still strong, go see it to understand what I mean.


If you're a fan of Kaiju movies like Godzilla, and Super Sentai/Power Rangers, Giant robot anime Like Gundam or Evangellion, and/or want a different different take on those genres that doesn't feel superficially dense, go see it, It's not doing to good, and really needs tickets sold. I give this 3.75 Jaegers out of 4.

Next time, Kamen Rider ZO...

Down in hell...

???: I Froze over hell and soon to take over the earth with an Ice Cold temperature... FOR I AM THE ANCIENT SORCERER FREEZIO!!!!

But first what form should I take?

Servant: Why not take the form of an all Blue Mario?



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