Thursday, July 5, 2012

So the other day I had this STRANGE dream.

While I try to find motivation to do another full sized blog, Let's go into the LSD trip that is my brain. Before we get into the (Rather short) main meat of the blog, I want to clear a few things up,

1: This is no way related to The Archfiend's series of videos also known as So the Other Day...  This is ACTUALLY 100% true, more on that blurb after I get the first thing cleared up.

   1.5:  I do NOT like the Archfiend that much, Not because I'm an arrogant fanboy of anybody (not mentioning any names), but he wouldn't give that very same web comedian's super big mega project a chance because he asked his fans to give a couple bucks to fund that project, Plus more i have no time to get into.

           1.5745863487563458943: I wonder if he blocked me over a certain blog I made? Ah well, if it's that blog that doesn't ban me from his YT page, then it will be this blog's introduction.

2: This blog get's personal, but it's nothing explictive.

Anyway onto the blog.

This happened a couple of nights ago, so I do not remember it that well.

I went on the dining room table and found a blue piece of paper, I don't remember what the whole piece of paper said but it had something with Happy ________ ___ 2000 (It was either Happy New Year 2000, or Happy Valentines Day 2000), with love. I don't know who that's from but I assumed it was from someone's girlfriend. Then below that I found a drawing colored in with colored pencil of Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon. I didn't know why, but I assumed it was from some chick in the UK (or who was in the UK at the time). After that fiasco, I found a rebus, the rebus made no ******* sense.  I thought one of the sentences said I have a *Gumball Machine* for you. Some one suggested to me that the gumball machine was the word surprise. I don't remember the rest but it was STRANGE!!!!!

Yep this is 100% true, I Actually dreamt this. This isn't real.

Well that was a great story, next time, a full sized blog.

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