Friday, August 5, 2016

My Top 7 Ultramen

Larger than life! Ultraman! Searching for a hero, Searching for a man with all the right stuff, Searching for a hero, When super's Just not enough, Super's Just not enough!!!!! ULTRAMAAAAN!!!!!! ULTRAMAAAAAAAN!!!!!!! ULTRA!!!!! LARGER THAN LIFE!!!!!!! He's the one ten stories high! SAVE THE WORLD! He's the Hope for All Mankind! SAVE THE WORLD!!! ULTRAMAAAAN!!!!!! ULTRA!!!!!!! ULTRAMAAAAAAAN!!!!!!! ULTRA!!!!! LARGER THAN LIFE!!!!!!! ULTRAMAN!!!!! Man Man Man Man!!!!!

Who do you call when super's just not enough. I'll give you a hint, he's ten stories high and blasting beams across the galaxy... It's Ultraman, and I'm her to talk about the 7 best Ultramen!!!! Why only 7, Because that's all I can find! Deal with it!


Probably the Oldest Ultra on the list, and the most Unique looking ultra on this list. He shows his age and then some, He helped the Ultra series to become mainstream and one of Japan's biggest cash cows. He has a head beam, a seven shaped Boomerang on his head and armor on his chest. His Henshin device is a pair of glasses. He has a variety of Beam attacks, and might've served as the inspiration for my favorite manga series, Kinnikuman, He's pretty low on the list due to his age, but he was so popular he was revived, TWICE!!!!!!


Ultra-a! Ultra-a Bull-l! AWESOME NUMBER 6! Ultra-a! Ultra-a Bull-l! BADASS NUMBER 6! He can take care of things with his longhorns, but why is he on this list? He's the Bull Ultra, Arguably the best and most unique looking Ultraman. His series is rooted in fables. He has cool looking armour, His henshin device is a badge, and he has a page worth of attacks... I just wish his series was subbed by Crunchyroll.


Taking Everything that made classic Ultraman great and making new and updating his design, with different forms, updated attacks, and making a new generation of tokusatsu, with rebooting Kamen Rider, making the designs of the creatures more McFarlane worthy, and giving him new attacks. I mean he was so popular he got to premiere on US Saturday morning TV, with less than stellar results. He had the best design of an Ultraman up to that point, with multiple colors, and he did a spectacular reboot of the Ultra series...


I admit, his series isn't that good, S was decent, but Ginga was the star of his own show, He had the best design of an Ultraman in ages. with transparent light blue colors all over. He can transform into many old ultras and Kaiju. Much Like Gokaiger. He has a beam saber from his wrist. a lance, and a super form with all the old ultra brothers from the Showa era. He can fuse with Ultraman Victory and get the power of 10 Heisei Ultramen!!!!


Part of the Ultra N project. He had a great design, with the rest of his forms being various forms of robotic, and alien. He has a hat looking thing and his primary form is grey. He kind of reminds me of a Heisei era Kamen Rider, heck his monsters he fought were very detailed, adding to the shows dark theme. He had 4 hosts through his tenure. His series is on Crunchyroll, so what are you waiting for?


From a cybernetic design, to using his kaiju he's defeated as armor/weapons, there was a reason I tuned into his series every week. A color timer in the shape of an X, and a super mode with a rainbow blade on his head. He has a futuristic design that I really like. He marked a transition from Spark Dolls to Data Cards, I wonder what the next big transition for the Ultraman series'll be. Either way, He was a great Ultra, but one was better...


Returning back to the M78 continuity, he had a great design, no gimmicks, and he helped the other Ultra brothers in his many adventures. He was a great back to basics ultra, with some new twists. His series was so great that it was one of the first Ultra series to be brought to Crunchyroll. He had a huge list of abilities and attacks, He also had a beam sword and a henshin brace. He was in the one of the last truly great ultra series, He shows being simple isn't all that bad, and he takes everything I liked about the Showa and most of the Heisei era up to that point, and was a truly great from start to finish. He was a great nostalgia trip for Showa era fans and exciting enough for Heisei era fans...

Those were my favorite Ultramen along with critiques for their respective series, if you agreed or disagreed, tell me? until then Happy 50 years Ultra series!!!!!

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