Monday, August 22, 2016

A. Yoshi Opinion Piece: Nintendo's Copyright Takedowns are Getting Worse and More Frequent! #WTFU

I thought Kimishima's reign of Nintendo would bring an end to this, I was wrong, If Kimishima thinks all it takes to save NX is to not call it a Wii sucessor, the company's doomed.

I mean if I were president of the Big N, I'd make it my personal duty to reverse the company's bad image. I mean that they're nowhere near Konami level, but they're more like Activision, Where they mistreat Franchises, abuse their fans, and don't give a damn about their reputation. So what happened this time? They took down both a Metroid II fan remake, and a Pokemon Fangame that was in development for a decade. Taking down old nintendo power archives is one thing, but these are passion projects that aren't made to profit. You don't see Capcom (who has done some shady things in the past), or Sega (who's you're old rival and more with the times than Nintendo is) doing this. I Mean really, if you really embraced let's plays like sony or microsoft did, Super Mario Maker would've pulled the Wii U back into relevance, possibly more than the XBOX One (which I still haven't forgiven them for those DRM Policies they planed to use for it). I get that it's their company so they should do what they want with it, but When there's still Wii U and 3DS Download sites that allow you to do it Illegally, and Pokecoin generators (which most of them could be snake oil, but still), you've got the wrong targets. These are doing it out of their love for the franchises of Metroid (which you wanted to recognized National Cat Day over the series 30th anniversary) and Pokemon, not out of any malicious intent. I've been hearing you're still having a Content ID Problem, even after you're creator's program FLOPPED! There just weren't as many news worthy takedowns in 2015 by Nintendo than in 2016. If you really cared about the fans, you'd put aside your stubbornness for 5 minutes and listen to the fans, Let's get this out of the way, I don't Hate Nintendo, I just did a top 5 on Metroid, and I have a Gaming Bits on Another Nintendo product on saturday, I just want them to wake up and lately it's Nintendo who's been doing the worst S**t out of the Big 3. I just had to rant about this, It just sucks...


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