Sunday, August 14, 2016

Another Summer Wraps up with an update...

I have to give myself credit, I only did one update throughout the entire summer, and I didn't even keep telling myself I wasn't going to do a million updates, only to do some for every day of the week. And at the time of writing this It's less than a week until school starts, but when I post this, it'll be less than 24 hours. But college doesn't start for me for a bit longer (It's kind of complicated), so what's going on?

In case you haven't been following my blogs lately, this really hasn't been the most productive summer, mainly due to lack of ideas and inspiration, and with the schedule change, it could go any way, it could stay chugging with a blog or more every week, slow down to a screeching halt, or output increases by 10 or so blogs a month. Look I don't like telling myself blog output might increase or decrease since when I do that, the complete opposite effect happens, but at this point anything can happen. I'm in a completely different area than I was right now, so now things IRL might be very different for a while. Boring details done, here's the big plans for the A. Yoshi Blog.

October will be 80s Throwback Toku Month, where we'll have 80s sentai, maybe Byclosser, and wrapping up the month with an epic review of Maskman. November'll be my 21st birthday. So I've got to do something special for that occasion, Maybe an A. Yoshi Blog Drinking Game, maybe the return of Kinnikuman Retrospective for a month or two before another brief run starting in February maybe. December'll have a Go-Busters review and GoGoFive review with reviews of their movies as well. The year'll close out with an epic review of Kamen Rider Black RX, and I'll also try to talk about the Super 8 Ultra Brothers movie (a movie I planned to watch a few Octobers ago, but then I realized I hate Hong Kong Subs) sometime in the coming months. Expect a review of Suicide Squad soon, a review of Doctor Strange in November, and a review of Rogue One in December. You should also expect at least 2 Gaming Bits every month (as always), i kind of need some ideas, since apparently I can't sell them on Patreon. Any supporters of the blog who read it any amount of time, thanks, and wish me luck in this new adventure...

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