Friday, February 5, 2016

A. Yoshi Pitch: Street Sharks NEOS (Next Evolved Ocean Superheroes)

Since a lot of you liked my Sentai Pitch, and a lot of you liked my Street Sharks overview (Which you both need to read for context), I decided to do my pitch for a new theoretical Street Sharks series. It'll address a lot of the problems people had with the original series, and have an improved feel to it. Here's the pitch:


It'll be an ongoing story with a slightly darker tone for the older kids and original fans. It'll still have a sort of 90s feel. Whether you want to make it 2D or 3D Animation is up to you, and so is the network, though i recommend netflix for more creative control, and fewer and fewer kids have cable. Also if you do a 2D animated series, have CG animated scenes. The Toys are similar to the classic toyline, but smaller scale for Kids, and full scale for collectors. This series'll do things that the original team couldn't do, like more serialized stories.


The sharks are pretty much the same as their G1 counterparts, but their defining characteristics are more present as well as them having personality. Ripster is the leader with more attitude than before. Streex is the battle planner who wants to impress the ladies. Jab is more of a techno kid than before, he even builds the vehicles. Big Slammu is the comedic big guy of the team, Where he has to understand he isn't the worst just because he's the youngest.

The street sharks join a group called NEOS. An Organization to join Gene-slammed people and normal humans together, It has old and new faces like Rox, Moby Lick, and Mantaman.

The villains are the Crustacors. They consist of Luthor Paradigm/Dr. Piranoid who is revealed to have a traumatic and sympathetic backstory. He creates Slobster and Slash from kids who were forced into being gene-slammed by the Pure Government in episode 4. He also creates Killamari in episode 8, and plenty of others as the series goes on, but we'll only be covering the first 13 episode season.

The pure government are the other villains of the series, they're after the street sharks after rebelling against some of Dr. Piranoid's creations

Rob Bolton is the stakes raiser of the series, we find out more about him as the series goes on, which brings me to...


The Story begins with a retelling of the original 3 episode pilot of Street Sharks, it changes somethings to make it modern, and introduces concepts to later be used in the series.

episodes 4-6 are the Slobster and Slash arc. Dr. Piranoid creates the 2 monsters, and Rox comes and helps the Street Sharks fight Slobster and Slash. It also introduces the Pure Government as a group to hunt down the Street Sharks who join NEOS.

Episodes 7-9 are the Killamari arc. Piranoid sends a bunch of zooplankton bots, to attack the people of Fission City. Piranoid creates Killamari as his secret weapon. This is when Moby Lick joins the party and helps the Street Sharks fight the Crustacors.

Episodes 10-13 are the Octopusmen arc. Aliens known as the Octopusmen appear on earth, they team up with the Crustacors and the Pure Government to destroy the street sharks. Mantaman joins the fight, and the 7 gene-slammed heroes join forces. This is also the point where we learn why Luthor Paradigm became evil. A hatted, cloaked man shows where the 4 Bolton Brothers can find their dad, but it turns out to be a trap to set the stakes up for season 2.

I know this series isn't as dense as Beetenger, but it IS only 13 episodes to start out with. Besides I had ideas for a bug themed sentai for a long time.

I hope you liked it despite it being to simple for it's own good, but there IS more to this series than meets the eye...

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