Sunday, February 7, 2016

Top 10 Zelda Items

If you thought that I wouldn't take the whole Zelda top 10 list concept for it's 30th anniversary and run with it, You haven't known me that long or that well. The Cool Items of Zelda have helped me get through the toughest puzzles of the game, From Reaching new areas, to solving great puzzles, these 10 items really are the cream of the crop, at least for me. Besides, what else do I got to do this Super Bowl weekend.

Yoshiette 1: Talk about the commercials? There's a Pokemon one...

A. Yoshi: Don't make me laugh.

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AY: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!


Only seen in Twilight Princess and pretty much only used in one dungeon, The spinner shows how hi-tech Hyrule can get. More than that, you could travel across quick sand, go on special rails, and use it as a gear for certain mechanisms. not to mention that epic boss fight against Stalford, which you may or may not see on the next Zelda list. It's low on the list since you rarely get to use it, but when you get to use it, It's oh so satisfying.


Again, only seen in Oracle of Seasons (and I guess in Four Swords, but not as prominently) and mainly only used in one dungeon this entire game, the magnetic glove could help you beat certain enemies, Move magnetic objects, and give you the power of temporary flight. Heck there was some platforming with this item. The Boss fight this helped with is interesting, but not as epic as the Spinner, even then this is more satisfying to use than that, even if it's low due to it's limited uses...


The Boomerang got better with each passing game it was in, Ocarina had the Z Targeting, Wind Waker had you lock on to multiple targets, and Twilight Princess (Boomerang for the game seen above) had a tornado, could be used effectively against several enemies, and could redirect certain enemies and items elsewhere. This is my favorite interpretation of the Zelda Boomerang. It might not be the most satisfying item to use, but it is one of the most useful.


The Beetle allowed you to grab objects, use the WiiMotion Plus to control it, and upgrades could allow power and speed boosts, carrying and dropping objects, It was both satisfying and had many uses past the dungeon you first got it at. This is the best item introduced in Skyward Sword. That's all I've got to say.


You could control Fire and Ice in A Link to the Past, then Sand with Spirit Tracks, then you could become Kamen Rider Wizard/Avatar with A Link Between Worlds' Tornado Rod, which also included all 3 of the previous rods. There were great puzzles in ALBW and almost all the dungeons in Lorule used these to great effect.


A big problem with the 2D Zelda games is Link Can't Jump (sans Zelda II, but not in the overhead stages), This was remedied when Roc's Feather was introduced, You could do some really great Platforming with this item, especially in the Side Scrolling Stages. When Roc's Cape was introduced, you could fly over ledges and make previously unobtainable areas of the dungeon.


The hammer offered a harder hit than the sword in exchange for making it slower. Wind Waker's Hammer allowed you to swing like a baseball bat, kill several Miniblins at a time, and it was one big freaking hammer, bigger than Link in fact. You could also use it on heavy switches, Switches that can't be pressed on with your regular weight.


What do you get when you combine the 2 most iconic weapons of the Zelda Series? This Pretty Much. The Bomb arrows were like Fireworks, fire them away with your Bow, and watch Stuff go KABOOM!!!!!! They were just so satisfying to use. Sure the elemental arrows had their uses, but these could be used anytime in Twilight Princess, even if you got hurt if you got too close to what you were firing at...


They say the best offense is good defense, this couldn't be any more true than the Mirror Shield. It was Okay in The 2D games, but it's the 3D games where this item shines,from reflecting light, to a great boss fight against Twinrova with fire and ice. In Wind Waker, It could be used on the games large assortment of Undead enemies. It hasn't been seen since Minish Cap, bu I eagerly await for it's return.


Introduced in A Link To The Past, the #1 item in Zelda could let out your inner Batman to grab onto certain spots in the game. This only got better with the 3D games where you could latch onto multiple levels of areas. You could also stun enemies with this item, much like the boomerang, but better. When Twilight Princess happened, you got 2 Clawshots, so you could become Spider-Link, Spider-Link, Does whatever a Spider can. It also had it's own set of uses, like stealing armor from certain enemies, going up and down on ledges, and it could do almost everything that the classic Hookshot could. Not to mention the Hookshot/Longshot/Clawshot just looks really cool and badass...

Agree with my list? What are YOUR Favorite Zelda Items. Let me know, and keep supporting A. Yoshi any way you can...

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